Friday, October 29, 2010

Paleo day 15 - 18.

Day 15
breakfast: eggs hot sauce

Dinner: stew with grass fed chuck, rutabaga, parsnips, and a little smoked pork belly.

Training: BJJ class. Pretty light day at class. Couple good rolls working on keeping my game open and flowing.

Day 16
Breakfast: eggs.. I'm kind of failing "eat eggs for breakfast fewer times per week."

Dinner: Shrimp and romesco sauce, salad, baked sweet potato. We had purple sweets for the first time.. to starchy for this application. I ate a lot of shrimp.

BSS lots worked up to 70lb dumbbell. These are progressing, they still suck, but better is better.
Assisted pull-ups even more.
I had to scoot, so that's all I did.

Day 17
Breakfast: eggs

Dinner: pork/lamb/beef meatballs in red sauce. Salad.

Training: none. Got stuck at work. Lots of stretching.

Day 18
Breakfast: left over meatballs
Dinner: pork steaks, grated butternut squash, tomato salad.

Reverse lunges off a 4" box worked up to 5 at 115 did a few sets
53 and 44lb Kb OH carry, to mid-court, press the 44 5x, carry to the end, press the 44 5x. set down. switch hands on the way back.
Inverted rows 10, 8, 10 feet elevated grips get wider each set.

I bought some new fight shorts for no-gi class. I wore them to the gym yesterday because 1) I wanted to break them in a little, 2) I had tried them on, and thus they were already on me, 3) I was down to my last pair of gym shorts, and the ones I had kinda suck. So I'm doing my thing, ignoring the world when the D-bag across from me asks "So whaddya think about the blorkey blerg" (he said something else, but it made about as much sense to me) I stand there with a what the hell look on my face, and he repeats the question. I can make no sense of his question, but I realize he is wearing the same color gear as my shorts. Then it dawns on me I am foolishly wearing WSU colors. Oh hell.
For those of you outside of the PNW, there are two major universities in this state. The University of Washington aka U-dub and Washington State aka wah-zoo. They are "rivals." There are no geographic delineations, and some people pick sides despite having attended neither of these schools.
I have thus far tried to steer well clear of this silliness. Yesterday, I failed.
I had to explain to this gentleman that I am from the mid-west, and not only did I not care, but I cared so little that it never occurred to me until that very second that I was wearing what at a glance appears to be WSU shorts. He seemed a little put out. The far greater issue, is EVERY time I wear these shorts (that I very much like) I have to explain that I have no opinion on the blorkey blerg.. or whatever. Oh well.. such is life.


Wednesday, October 27, 2010


The beast falls.
Wow, what a crazy card...

I like Tom Lawler, he just beat a very tough guy in Patrick Cote, and looked great doing it. Hopefully he's back on the upswing.

Court McGee looked great and terrible in his fight with Ryan Jensen. McGee is a likeable guy and a game fighter, hopefully he'll put things together.

Brendan Schaub looked good in his defeat of Gabriel Napao . Crisp standup. Good head movement. Decent takedown defense. Time to climb the ladder.. and get a new nickname.. "the hybrid?" Just terrible.

I wonder about the wisdom of Gabriel Gonzaga moving to Boston. He's lost three of his last four, and been outboxed in all of them. This is a classic example of a guy winning a big fight by KO (Crocop) and falling in love with his standup. He needs to dance with the one that brung him, and work on his takedowns, get some fights to the deck and win. ATT would be perfect.

For better or worse it looks like Diego Sanchez is back. He looked great after "Hulking out" early in round 2. He needs to put on some quality mass before he's a real contender, but there's no questioning that he's gotten back to the camp and mindset that earned him 17 straight wins. Wrestling is still his kryptonite. Sanchez is a good High School level wrestler. He got beat by Koscheck and Fitch who are 1-2 levels above that. He needs to round out his game, and fill out his body if he intends to compete with those guys. Still good progress for a guy who is still not yet 30.

Paulo Thaigo has some ragged luck. Just when it looks like he's going to make the leap to the next level, he gets buzz sawed. His wrestling is a little weak, but he has good moments.. His conditioning looked pretty sorry in this last fight, but looked ok in others.. I can't figure out what his problem is.. because he's a different guy from fight to fight. Maybe it's time to think about quitting his day job and concentrating on fighting full time. He made almost $90k in this last fight, that goes a good long ways in Brasilia.

Matt Hamil looked pretty good in his defeat of a pretty well washed Tito Ortiz. His hands are still stilted and awkward, and his top game is controlling, but lacks finish.. or finishing ability. Once again he over-cut (he weighed in at 203.5, a full 2.5 lbs under) while that may not seem like much, go to McDonalds and buy 10 quarterpounders (cheese optional) and stick them all over your body, that's how much more muscle Hamil could be carrying and still make weight. I still say he needs to go to a better camp if he's going to fulfill his potential (and he has miles of potential).

Martin Kampmann is a good fighter. He just got out hustled this past weekend. He was in a winnable fight, but his ego, and Jake Shields' will to win got in his way. Kampmann could have won a sprawl and brawl fight.. he chose not to.

Shields looked awful. He's been a pro fighter since 1999. He was a collegiate wrestler before that, he should be able to make a weight cut in his sleep. Either he overlooked Kampmann, which brings to question his intelligence, or his preparation wasn't up to snuff. Either way if he makes the same mistake again he's going to get roundly beaten.

After UFC 100 I said "The only Heavyweight that can possibly give Brock Lesnar problems is Cain Velasquez." Then I started watching training footage of Lesnar, and bought into the hype. A major thing to remember when watching hype shows: they only show you the things that make the fighters look good. So if they suck at hitting the mitts, you won't see much footage of that. If you watch the Lesnar footage from primetime they showed him sparring with Chris Tuchscherer (who is 1-2 in the UFC) or grappling with Pat Barry (who is not exactly Rickson Gracie) The same thing goes for conditioning footage, trainers break out drills and things that their guys are good at, not what they do all the time. All that footage of Manny Pacquiao doing agility ladders on 24/7 means his trainer knows Manny has good feet, and will make them both look good, not that doing agility ladders will give you good feet.
Back to the fights:
Lesnar won the takedown game. He took Cain down twice. Cain only took him down once, after stunning him. However, the difference maker was Velasquez's ability to get off his back without taking any punishment. Once he got up, I knew the champ was in trouble. Velasquez is young, he's got all the tools. I think other than getting clipped (which can happen in any heavyweight fight) he poses a real problem for everyone in the division.
Brock Lesnar is now fighting the clock. He's been blueprinted. There is a way to beat the beast, he has to work to close those holes and climb the ladder again before he passes his "sell by" date. The only thing I ask is that the UFC not subject us to another Lesnar vs Mir fight. I just don't care.. that fight has been decided.. it's over. Give it a rest.


Sunday, October 24, 2010

Paleo day 12, 13, and 14

Day 12
Breakfast: scrambled eggs and 2 links.

lunch: leftover soup

Snack: apples and almond butter

Dinner: Lamb kebab take aways. With salad and baba ganoush.

Treat: couple pieces of dark chocolate.

Training: sprints 10x 50m 3x ladders 1/4 field, back, 1/2, back, 3/4, back, full, back is one.
I really noticed my running technique was lazy on these. I had to really fight to keep my knees driving, and I was soft around the corners. Not driving my "chase" arm back and reaching with my lead. Good training though.

Day 13
Breakfast: 2 eggs and sweet potato hashbrowns

Lunch: chicken thighs, spinach sauteed in coconut oil

Dinner: ground lamb and beef (grass fed of course) broccoli, onions, and crimini mushrooms stir fried and topped with avocado mashed with lime.

Training: BJJ lost track of my laundry and had to wear my 'gi of last resort.' So I rolled no gi. Before class I rolled with Wags. She rolls so differently from everyone else, It's a lot of fun. I always play guard (make up for the size difference.. as much as I can). After class I had a Long roll with Paul. Then rolled with Brian, who had my number. Then a long technical roll with young Jeff, aka Jefe. I did a lot of guard surfing, putting myself in danger, trying new stuff. I learned a lot. After that I talked through a few details of last Wednesday's roll with the Prof. Keeping tighter in the top of half guard. Passing the inverted guard. Details details details.

Day 14

Breakfast: left over stir fry with 2 eggs scrambled in.

Lunch: 2 turkey burger patties with mustard, 4 clementines.

Snack: 1 serving of nuts.

Dinner: roast chicken, mashed plantains (coconut oil, chicken drippings, salt, hot sauce), and a salad (arugula, mustard, walnut oil, small amount of anchovy paste)

Training: did some yard work, and cooked up a storm.

Noticed a few things: my caffeine intake is way down. I just don't need it as much. My sweet tooth is very much muted. My gas is better than it's been in a while. I've dropped a pretty significant volume of weight without even trying. I'll post numbers once the whole experiment is done.

I totally jinxed the Beast.. thoughts on 121 sometime this week.


Friday, October 22, 2010

Paleo day 10, 11

Day 10
breakfast: eggs
Dinner: I made some soup with grass fed beef, ground pork, kale, turnips, celery root, and leek.
It was quite tasty.

Day class was good. I had a decent roll with Dave a purple belt. I was working on letting him dictate the inital phase of the roll (top or bottom) and then sweep and submit, or pass, mount, submit. After that I got to roll with the professor which is always a great lesson. He caught me early, with an armbar. I was being sloppy and left an arm. Then a guillotine. He slapped it on, and I just sort of thought "really, a guillotine?" I let him keep the grip and went to pass. He disrupted my base enough as I passed and got the mount. Then suddenly I had a lot more respect for the guillotine. The third time he tapped me, I was passing he went to inverted guard. I collapsed down. I got one foot out, and didn't hold his shoulders/head in place well enough, he spun to a triangle. I didn't want to stack him (couple reasons: it just seems like bully behavior to me, last time we rolled he had a sore neck for a week), so I postured hard.. and once again left my arm behind. Most people that would have been fine: I was postured up hard, my hips were out in front, but he shifted his hips in the air, and actually came up and 'got' my arm. Great stuff. I need to remember to not only posture, but actively protect my arms when coming up. He had me dragged into deep water the whole time.. which I like. He found a lot of holes in my preferred positions, things that I will have to shore up. I keep replaying the roll in my head looking for those.

Day 11
Breakfast: eggs
I was in meetings all day long. My bosses boss scheduled a "lunch meeting" the food provided was Dominoes pizza. I wouldn't eat that crap BEFORE the paleo experiment. I sure as hell wasn't going to fall off the wagon. I didn't get lunch till about 3. Suck.
dinner: taco salad
snack: some almond butter.

reverse lunges from 4" box a whole bunch at 95 lbs.
Press/overhead carry/press/overhead carry 3x at 35lb dumbbells
Chest supported rows sets of 8 at 2 plates and a quarter.

Good sleep last night.
Big fights this weekend. I'm stoked that Jake Shields is now in the UFC. I think Velasquez has a puncher's chance agains Lesnar, but no more. This whole card is interesting (even if some of the fights will end up being stinkers)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Paleo day 8, 9

Day 8
breakfast was some eggs and hash.
Dinner was Meat sauce (tomato, grass fed beef, lamb and pork, onions, garlic, herbs and olive oil) over sauteed fennel. This was good stuff.

I missed class. One of the guys at my work was hospitalized with a staph infection last week, and I wanted to make sure I was clear before I went to class. I ended up working most of the night any way.

I did train a bit:
heavy bag work to warm up.
Airdyne sprints 10x15 second sprints.
Airdyne arms only for 5 minutes.

Day 9
Breakfast: left over Red Gravy
Dinner: adobo chicken thighs with baked butternut squash and cauliflower.

BSS: lots at 62 lb kettelbell.
chins: some
Stretching and corrective exercise.

I'm going to have to make a run to the store tonight, I'm out of nuts and need more fruit.
This week I've had asian pears, plumbs, and a couple apples.


Monday, October 18, 2010

one twenty.

Thoughts from UFC 120:

Fighters coming off the Ultimate fighter are not (generally) ready for the top tier of the UFC. They still need some seasoning.. I would love to see another "comeback" season of TUF. Bring in guys who are going to be cut and say here's your chance. Watching grizzled veterans fight for one more chance is far more compelling than watching 20 something numbsculls beat each other and then get thrown in way over their heads. Seasons 6-10 the only guys who look to be sticking in the UFC are Ryan Bader (who is a legitimate talent), Ross Pearson (being brought along slowly for UK branding), and Roy Nelson (who was a gatekeeper level talent ignored by the UFC because he's not a "company guy.")

I had the Kongo v Browne fight as a draw too. Browne could be a decent fighter who choked in his first fight with a 'name.' He's got fast hands and good head movement which is why he can get away with such crap fundamental striking. If he's going to fight in the UFC he's going to have to clean those up. Along with his wrestling fundamentals. He tried big brothering Kongo to the ground a few times and failed. He's in deeper water and that's not going to work any more.

Mike Pyle looked great. That said he's tailor made to beat Hathaway. He was tighter with his stand-up. His head movement frustrated the brit, and he was able to stop the only two takedowns Hathaway knows: the power double, and the weird running head and knee takedown that Hathaway, Pearson, and Bisping all do.. and that I've never seen on a wrestling mat.
Pyle was able to transition from striking to wrestling to striking more smoothly than anyone not named GSP. Most guys have a visible shift. You can see them go "ok, Go TAKEDOWN." "that didn't work, back to striking." Pyle was shooting and coming up with crisp punches, and had one beautiful trip off the Thai Plum. I can't tell if Pyle is finally making a surge, or he's just found his range. This was a good wake-up for Hathaway. He needs to diversify his training. Spend some time at Team Quest, ATT or Xtreme Couture.

Carlos Condit is one of my favorite fighters (I've probably just doomed the poor guy to never win another fight). He's genuinely tough. He's well rounded. He knew when to jump to a bigger camp. He knows his place in the pecking order, and goes after what he perceives to be tough, but winnable fights. I'm interested to see him climb the ladder.

Dan Hardy is overrated. That is all.

Speaking of overrated Mike Bisping beat Sexyama. Color me surprised. I even though Akiyama like many of his countrymen is fighting a full weight class above where he should, and has worse conditioning than I do. I figured Bisping's ego and utter lack of beard would cost him this fight.. it did not.. almost did, but Slipperyama didn't go in for the finish. Bisping recovered, and threw pillows for the next 12 minutes to coast to a win. Bisping wants another shot at Wand. I say, No way. No more fighting guys whose best years were spent in the PRIDE ring. You can have Chael Sonnen (the two mouthiest SOBs in professional fighting). Win that fight and we'll talk.


Paleo; day 4, 5, 6, 7.

Day 4:
I took the leftover chicken thighs, some left over roasted pumpkin and an apple chopped, and sauteed.. very tasty. Technically this is a Hash. From the French root "hasher" or "to chop"

I'm going to stop telling you what I have for lunch on work days. I always have a serving of nuts, a piece or two of fruit, and some greens topped with the week's gruel.

I did a ton of reverse lunges from a 4" step. Worked up to 95 lbs (yes, I suck) and did a lot of reps.
I did a lot of push-ups and bw lunges after.

Dinner.. damn.. I forgot.. fortunately it's still up on the whiteboard in the kitchen.
I have a habit of buying food, and then forgetting what I was going to do with it once a day or two passes. So every Sunday I come home from the grocery, and write out the menu for the week on a white board on the fridge. That way no food gets wasted.
Last week's menu is still up, so I'll edit this tonight.

50/50 lamb/beef meat balls, in red sauce (red wine, tomatoes, garlic, olive oil) over spaghetti squash.

Day 5:
Breakfast: eggs, hotsauce.

Since it was a lovely day I went out to the local soccer field and did some sprints. It being Seattle and all the ground was nice and soft so I checked the route for glass and kicked my shoes off.
(bear in mind this is a 1/2 size soccer field)
Burmas: (this is an old rugby training.. 'thing') run the length of the field, turn, run to the opposite corner, run the other length, and then back to the first corner. You make a huge figure 8. The changes of direction mean deceleration and acceleration.. they're brutal.

A full size field comes to about 435m this half size field is about 216 for the whole thing.
I did 3 (1/2 size) and almost keeled over. 100 years ago when in shape for rugby I'd do 5 (full size) and be fine. Needless to say I had much more aerobic capacity then. Since the pendulum has swung back a bit too far. I'm going to do these again this week.

Dinner we went to our favorite gyro place. It's owned by two brothers. Nicest guys in the world good food, great price. Honestly, I cannot recommend it enough. They did a plate of chicken, lamb, baba ganoush, and salad for me. I got home and added some olive oil. It was awesome.

I had a couple pieces of dark chocolate for dessert.

Day 6:
Breakfast: more eggs.

snack before training: nuts.

Went to class. Paul taught Gi. How to open guard by standing, and the "knee through" pass.
I taught no gi. Knee in the middle guard break, to scoop pass, to squeeze pass. Seemed to help people a lot. Paul said 4 out of 4 guys he rolled with tried the pass on him after.
I had two rolls. 1 no gi with a white belt who had never gone no gi before. He's pretty significantly bigger than me, but doesn't move as well. He wasn't used to the speed of no gi. I tried to teach him to move more and open up. I don't know that he got it.
After that I put my pajamas on and rolled with Ian. Ian is a good brown belt. Smaller guy, but great balance, and very good at using unorthodox control points. This is the first time we've rolled in a while, and the first time it wasn't like Bugs Bunny and the giant.

The bad news is I snapped one of my toes. I'm not going to miss any training, but it hurts like crazy, and put an end to my day.

Lunch: ground beef sauteed with shallot and some avocado, half of a cantalope

Later that night, I made bacon from a raw pork belly. It was good.. a little too salty. I'll need to figure that out for the next batch.

Dinner was pretty similar to lunch: sweet potato, stuffed with ground beef, broccoli, garlic, and avocado.

after dinner a little more dark chocolate.

Day 7:
Sunday morning was my father-in-law's birthday brunch.
I brought bacon, and because it was too salty to eat on its own I rubbed it with some brown sugar (which is against the rules, so I didn't eat any)
I had scrambled eggs, sausage, and a lot of fruit salad.
Everyone else had cake.
The ferry ride was nice.

This weekend we started Ferber method sleep training for the grizzly. I don't think this method is for everyone. The little guy is particularly suited for it as he was having a hard time figuring out how to sooth himself and was very reliant on us to do it for him. Honestly of the 3 nights we've done it he's had 1 period (night 1 right off the bat when we put him down, night 2 at 3 am, and night 3 at 11 pm) per night where he's cried for a good while (no more than 3 'check in' periods) but otherwise he seems to be adjusting and is no worse for wear.

Dinner was steamed clams and mussels, and salad with romesco sauce instead of dressing:
piqueo peppers 2-3
some almonds (I used almond butter)
sherry vinegar
Very tasty stuff, and very versatile. I'll be using this a lot more.

Week 1 in the books. I'm feeling pretty good. I feel like I've dropped some weight, but that's not a goal of this per se. My emotional outlook is better. My hunger queues are different. I used to get really cranky when I as hungry, now I just get a little run down, not even tired.. hard to explain, but much better for my psyche. It really hasn't been all that challenging for the most part. We'll see how weeks 2-4 go.


Thursday, October 14, 2010

Paleo, day 2 and 3

Day 2:
Lifted. Lots of BSS.. lots..
Waiter's carry ohpx5/5 carry.. x3 done three times
Chins: 5,5, 1 every 30 seconds for a long while.

Breakfast: 4 eggs.

Lunch: stew and greens, apple

Snack: nuts.

Dinner: chicken andouille sausage, peppers, and fennel cooked in tomato and red wine sauce.

Snack: another apple. Ok apples are in season, but I'm sick of apples.

Short stretch before bed.

Day 3:
No training, got stuck in a meeting so I couldn't go to BJJ day class, and by the time the little guy went down I had no interest in conditioning. I did stretch for a good long while and do some corrective exercise.

Breakfast: Went against the spirit, if not the rules of the challenge, and had some sausage with my eggs. It's weird, I feel like I'm doing well with the big rocks (no sugar, grains, legumes, or dairy) but it's the small rocks (lean proteins, 2 or less servings of fruit per day, keep up my training schedule) that I'm really struggling with. So this is Meh. I had eggs for breakfast, and sausage that I probably don't need to be eating. Oh well. It was good.
The lack of training, is a bigger deal, but hopefully it's a short term issue. The professor is out of town (at the US open), and I had valid reasons to not make class both days. I could have gotten some conditioning in, but I chose not to. We'll see how it shakes out.

Lunch: stew and greens, nuts

Snack: yup.. another apple. (seeing a pattern? I told you, I tend to eat the same stuff over and over)

chicken thighs oven roasted with some old bay and ginger, chantrell mushrooms sauteed in duck fat, mashed plantains seasoned with the chicken run-off and a good sized glop of avocado and lime. This did not suck.

So what's the difference?
The question came up, what WERE you doing?
To be honest, most parts of my diet were mostly the same.
Dinners were mostly meat, and 1-2 veggies.
The stew stuff I make for lunches is the same as now.. more or less.
So what's different?
I ate eggs almost every morning for breakfast.. which is changing, but doesn't have to.
I consumed a bunch of dairy: Milk in my coffee, cheese on dinner, milk in the evening, Ice cream on the weekends, whey protein after training. That has been an adjustment. I like my milk.
I see some of that coming back.. maybe.. sorta. I don't need to eat it all the time, but I'm not turning down tasty french cheese down from Canada (after my 30 days are up).
Oatmeal was a favorite pre-training meal. I'd have a bowl every afternoon or so. Assuming I see significant changes in how I feel, I can do without the grains..
I'm not going to be militant about this.. even if I do make major changes.. I'll have a bit of whatever I feel like I'm missing on holidays.. as in REAL holidays: Christmas, Thanksgiving, MY Wedding Anniversary, MY birthday. Some people take this too far; "It's only a small piece of cheesecake. Hey, It's Bosses day!" Forget that he's nobody's boss. or "I have to have a piece of cake, it's Fred's birthday" yeah, but you hate Fred.

It's a lot of small changes, but for me it helps to be able to say "I am taking on this challenge to see how it goes. I will follow the rules or I'll not be completing the challenge." Once I'm out the other side, I'll have to see how I feel.


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Paleo. day 0 thru 1

Last week I finished Robb Wolf's fantastic book the Paleo Solution. The book is great. It's well thought out, lots of science and detail, but conversationally written. An excellent read. The only criticism I had was there was no checklist for the challenge. A condensed set of rules if you will. There is a "Quickstart guide" on his website but it would be nice if there were something in the book. The rules below are from Robb's blog, and my interpretation of the text.
That said, I knew going in that I was going to agree with Robb. I knew a little bit about his ideas, and also believe that the RD/government model of grains/more grains/veggies/and some meat (if you must, and really only so Texas won't secede from the union) are a problematic diet plan. Also having been a vegetarian for 10 years, and seeing the immediate improvement in my physique and well being that falling off of that wagon has made, it was not too far of a leap to paleo.

Those who are long time readers know I am always up for a challenge. So I am taking on his 30 day challenge.. with a couple of addenda..

But first the challenge:
Thou shalt not eat:
grains or cereals at all
dairy products (pastured butter is ok)
processed foods
sugars. Agave, organic honey, molasses, whatever.. sugar is sugar.
artificial sweeteners.

Thou shalt eat:
All of the lean meat, fish, seafood, eggs you want
All of the non starchy vegetables you want
Plenty of fruit (1-2 servings per day)
Moderate nuts and seeds (1-2 servings per day)

The Addenda: Upon examining my diet (and physical life in general) I wanted to make this a complete overhaul. A single month focused on making my body better:

Stretch more, my flexiblity and mobility are piss poor. At least 5x per week I will stretch my RF, hips, etc.. OUTSIDE of training. Each workout will include 1-2 sets of goblet squats.

Add more single leg work into my life. My back problems have created some pretty major hip stability issues that are limiting my max lifts. Time to take the medicine. Squat day becomes BSS day. Every warm up will include at least 30 lunges.

Diversify my diet. Reading Robb's book I noticed the vast majority of my fats came from 3 sources: Olive, dairy, meat.
I have added 1 sometimes 2 servings of nuts per day (pecans, macadamia, and walnuts toasted in coconut oil with some salt) and
added walnut, and virgin coconut oil to my pantry.
Have something other than eggs for 3 breakfast's per week. (I eat a lot of eggs)

Pick up the pace of my lifting sessions. I need to get more out of my training since I'm training less (having kids does that to you) So more cluster sets, more high rep sets of push-ups, lunges, presses.. ect.

Day 0.
Shopping. I went with the wife and kiddo to the grocery store. I bought grass fed beef, and some chicken and frozen veg to make a "stew" for my lunches (It's much drier than a stew, but the idea is still the same). And got a big mess of greens to go with it.
We bought nuts, and oils (see above) and a whole bundle of seasonal fruit.
We planned out the dinner's for the week:
The idea is 2-3 nights of mammal for dinner (beef, lamb, pork) 2 poultry, and 1 seafood (2 if something's on sale) and 1-2 nights "out."
Each meal will have something green (asparagus, fennel, spinach)
2-4 meals will have squash, sweet potato, plantain, or other root vegetable.

I'm trying coconut milk in my morning espresso.. I'm not so sure about this.. still playing with the mix. I may just have to reduce the volume and increase the frequency of my coffee doses as I just use the milk to cool it off to make it easier to ingest.
Friday and Saturday night are "treat nights" at our house. We forgo dessert most nights of the week knowing that if we have an established tradition we have 2 quality desserts per week, instead of having 7 bad ones. I'm going to allow myself some low-sugar dark chocolate 1x per weekend.

The only part of the challenge I am unable to take on is the "sleep more" portion. Having a 5 month old my sleep is no longer in my control.

I had a big bowl of cereal Sunday afternoon, cooked up a storm for Monday morning.

Day 1
I took on the hardest thing about any diet modification challenge right off the bat. I traveled to Spokane for work on Monday. I had the added bonus of post 9/11 travel: thanks to the TSA I can't bring any food with me.

Breakfast was a chicken breast and a fruit cup.
Lunch I went to a sandwich place, and had them make a roast beef sandwich with bacon and avocado (hold the cheese please) into a salad instead. It was quite good. I had to fib a little. I claimed a "wheat allergy."
Sorry to the nice lady at the sandwich shop.. It's just easier than explaining.
Afternoon snack was some pistachios and a fruit cup (again with the fruit cup).
Dinner was some shrimp, asparagus and baked pumpkin at home.
Snack: I had an apple and a spoon full of almond butter.

Not a bad day. My food selection was on. I had something other than eggs for breakfast. The chicken was cooked in canola oil, while not verboten is something I'd prefer to avoid. Considering I was on the road right from the jump, I'm calling day 1 a win.

My flight was delayed on the way home so I couldn't train.. oh well. Everything else went well.
So we begin.
Post your questions, and comments.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Haulin' Rocks.

Yesterday I finished up a project in the backyard of the house.
60x25 lb pavers (1500 lbs) and
15x15 lb bags of sand (750 lbs)
All loaded up from the hardware store to the truck, and from the truck up a small flight of steps to the back yard, and then put in place.
It looks good.. but I'm sure beat.

Last week in the gym:
single leg work:
lots of BSS.. I still suck at these.
Lots of chin-ups and some dips.

worked up to 405 for 5 (easy could have gotten more)
then 8x2 at 315 speed speed speed
Lots of push-ups and straight arm reverse flys.

In the Academy:
Monday no rolling. Too tired.

couple light rolls working on my bottom game, and some very specific aspects of it.
Controlling deep half guard, and flowing subs off my back.

There was a tourney, so Class was small, and I taught. Gi optional.
I taught an arm bar setup for when your opponent is holding your hips really tight, and we drilled for a while.
I rolled no-gi a couple of times, and called it a day.