Tuesday, November 30, 2010

How many kids with ADD does it take to..

Hey! lets ride bikes!!!

I do not have the fever for more blogging.
I am not Bilbo Bloggins.
This is not Clifford the big red blog.
I am not Blogasaurus Rex.
Nor a blogapotamus.
You get the point. I've been slackin.
I've been lifting some, training quite a bit.. almost all gi.
I went off the paleo wagon for thanksgiving.
I feel pretty good. I had some pie, virgin egg nog and fried chicken, but otherwise the weekend was still mostly paleo (smoked turkey, roasted brussels sprouts, and non-dairy garlic mashed)
My belly rumbled and complained, but a guys got to live a little from time to time.

Mostly I've just got nothing to report.
Maybe tomorrow I'll come up with the greatest blog post ever.. but maybe not.
Mostly I have not forgotten you gentile reader. I just don't have anything worthy of your time right this second.
I hope you had a good thanksgiving.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Progress report.

I decided just to check in on my relative strength levels after dropping some weight, and having been sick.
So I did 3 challenges with mixed results:
2x bodyweight deadlift: 5 reps.
Felt pretty good about that one.

press: 175
no good, but considering the recent wrist injury.. I'll take it.

Bw bench: 3 reps.
No good, but see above.

Considering my current maladies, I'm pretty happy with these numbers as a jumping off point, but not content with these numbers.
More to come.


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

All crap.

Been sick, haven't trained for bupkis, we're having to lower the price on our condo as it hasn't sold, and my truck went tits up this morning.
Otherwise, I'm great.

Oh, and I tried to squat yesterday:
Front squat: ow my bum wrist.
back squat: oh right stupid levers and tight hips. Not to mention that I'm scared as hell that I'm going to hurt my back again.
Overhead squat: ow my bum wrist.
Zercher squat: stupid levers and wrong shoes.
Fail Fail Fail.

Which pretty much blows up my hopes of taking on the Texas method for the next 6 months or so (it all revolves around squatting)
I need to get my sheeot together.


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Paleo day 29-30 and summation.

Day 29
Breakfast: eggs

Dinner: seared tuna, sauteed butternut squash, and jalapeno hollandaise.Very tasty.

training: Ice bum wrist.

Day 30
Breakfast: eggs

Dinner: chicken gizzards with garlic, and brussel sprouts.

That's it.. 30 days.
No cheats. No bread, No grains, No dairy, No legumes, the only sugar was my 1 bar a week of dark chocolate.
What did I find?
I found that my huger satiety queues were pretty screwed up. I was either full or not.. now I am either hungry or not.. big difference.
I go longer stretches comfortably without eating.
I am drinking less coffee.
I dropped 10 lbs and it is noticeable (not just water).
When I get tired on the mats I don't crash, I'm just tired.
A lot of my minor aches and recurrent injuries are still around, but the volume is turned down on them.
I feel great. I don't feel like I'm missing anything.
I'm going to coast on through to Thanksgiving, eat whatever looks good then, and then probably jump right back on this horse.

My supplemental challenges were more mixed:
I did stretch more, however it was less than the 5x\week goal I set. More like 3-4. This was a significant leap from what I was doing. So I'm calling this a win.
Single leg work and lunges are a win. I'm going to keep this up for a bit longer. Drop the lunges as a main movement, and add deadlifts back in, keep the BSS. After that, probably going to give the Texas Method a run.
Diet diversity is mixed. I ate fewer eggs, but not the volume I set out for myself. This was a problem of convenience. I was relying on left-overs for my "non-egg" meals, and when there weren't any I had no choice.
Training tempo did change.. and for the better. I'm going to keep this up. It's allowing me to get more work done in the same time, and keep my condition up.

Some were a 'win' some were not, but all were far better than before. I am going to keep plugging away at these.

My wrist feels pretty good which means I am NOT going to train today. This is the danger zone: healed enough that I can convince myself to train, but not healed enough to do so safely. I'm staying home and doing some conditioning.


Monday, November 8, 2010

Paleo day 26-28

Day 26
Breakfast: eggs and 2 links.

Dinner: baked sweet potato with adobo ground beef, onions, crimini mushrooms, guacamole, and broccoli.

Dessert: dark chocolate 1/2 bar.

Training: It was raining out, so no sprints. airdyne 15 seconds, rest 2 minutes, 30 seconds rest 3. x 4
These were brutally hard.

Day 27
Breakfast: Butternut squash hash (squash, bacon, mushrooms) 2 eggs.

Lunch: leftover adobo beef.

Dinner: Roasted chicken, sauteed cabbage.

Dessert: dark chocolate 1/2 bar.

Training: good day at class. Lots of takedowns, lots of working with guys on their takedowns for the tourney next weekend. Couple good rolls besides (all Gi).
Got home, had some lunch and was watching the kiddo, and I noticed my wrist was a little sore.. no biggy. As the night wore on it started to swell and hurt more. By the time I went to bed it hurt like a S.O.B. I couldn't sleep. It sucked. Some time with compression, Ice and NSAIDS, and my range of motion is coming back. Hopefully be right as rain in a day or so.

Day 28
Breakfast: Chicken sausage, and 2 eggs.

Lunch: roast chicken and an apple.

Dinner: Braised spare ribs, beets, salad.

Training: lots of ice and working on moving my wrist to get the movement back.

Today I'm going to take off again, and other than stiffness, and some bruising on the back of my hand it seems pretty good.


Friday, November 5, 2010

Paleo day 23-25

At this point this 30 day challenge isn't even challenging. Day 4 I was jonesing for bread, now.. whatever. Which is an interesting change. More on that with the summation.

Day 23
breakfast: I had one egg left, so I had some grassfed beef and some left over veg with that 1 egg scrambled into it.

Dinner: lamb curry: coconut milk, lamb shoulder, carrots, red peppers, red curry paste (yes I am lazy... and I don't care)

Polished off the rest of the paleo puddin'

Quasi-deload. Bodyweight BSS, sets of 10.
Push-ups lots
chins lots.

Day 24
breakfast: eggs

Dinner: shrimp sauteed in bacon drippings with lemon. Butternut squash. Tomato salad.

Training: good day at BJJ. Did some 2 minute round robin rolls. Worked some takedowns with Drew. We had a kid come in from one of the local 'MMA' schools come in. He's got a fight coming up in a couple of weeks. He's super aggro. Decent wrestler with a good shot, but his fundamentals are pretty atrocious. He's doing the right thing, working with folks who specialize to tighten up his fundys.
At one point I caught a triangle from guard that was pretty quick, just off to the side I heard one of the white belts say "holy sh*t!" Just funny. I'm still a blue belt, but I've come far enough to know that there are whole levels beyond what I could see when I first arrived. Makes me wonder what I'll be able to see next week/month/year.

Day 25
Breakfast: totally out of food. I had an apple and a banana with almond butter. lame, but within the rules. It was actually kind of nice to have something so completely different for breakfast that required zero cooking.

Dinner: we went to the Gyro place. Like I said out of food. Lamb, salad, baba.

Training: kb oh lunges with the 44, ohp with the 44. done in sequence. These were horrible. That offset loading with a long lever like that is just brutal.
walking lunges: lots
bw rows: lots.. some feet elevated.


Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Paleo day 19-22

Day 19
Breakfast: eggs
Dinner: More Mr. Gyro same as last week.
Dessert: dark chocolate 1/2 bar

Training: 10x 100m build for 25, max speed by 50, hold till 90 and coast 10. Walk back.
My running mechanics are getting better. I'm still in anterior tilt, so I sort of push my torso forward, and really have to force my abs to contract to get the proper forward lean.

Day 20
breakfast: butternut squash hashbrowns and eggs
Lunch: 3 turkey burgers and some left over vegetables.
Dinner: grass fed beef hash with brussels sprouts, and sweet potatoes.. not a hit with the wife.

Training: BJJ. I had a good roll with CP a purple belt with several pro MMA fights. Last week he beat me like a rented mule. This week was better.. and by better I mean I spent the whole time defending, and only got subbed once or twice. I worked with an aspiring MMA fighter on his takedowns and TD defense. Then was one of the sharks in a sharktank for the guy.

Day 21
Breakfast: leftover hash and 2 eggs.
Lunch: chicken thighs and broccoli
Dinner: smoked chicken, plantains (best batch yet) . The smoked chicken was off the charts good. Rubbed with some salt, and put in the smoker/grill for 2-3 hours.
Dessert: in honor of Halloween I made some paleo puddin'
1 small pumpkin diced and baked.
1 can coconut milk
2 eggs
all spice
Blended with a stick blender to airate and baked at 350 till it looks almost done.
I put some pecans on mine, the wife got some honey on hers.
It was the goods.

Day 22
breakfast: eggs
Pre-training snack: leftover plantains and chicken
Dinner: Fish taco salad (cod, peppers, onions, guacamole on romaine)

Training: BJJ Small class. We worked an arm-bar/choke/arm-bar transition that was super sweet. I had a good roll with Drew for about 15 minutes. Very good stuff. He said "You're getting much trickier." I am pretty sure that's a good thing.
After that I worked with one of the newer guys on his side control escapes. He's so strong, but he uses too much strength. If you just ride him out he gasses.. I tried to explain.. so did CP.. didn't take.. maybe next time.