Thursday, October 14, 2010

Paleo, day 2 and 3

Day 2:
Lifted. Lots of BSS.. lots..
Waiter's carry ohpx5/5 carry.. x3 done three times
Chins: 5,5, 1 every 30 seconds for a long while.

Breakfast: 4 eggs.

Lunch: stew and greens, apple

Snack: nuts.

Dinner: chicken andouille sausage, peppers, and fennel cooked in tomato and red wine sauce.

Snack: another apple. Ok apples are in season, but I'm sick of apples.

Short stretch before bed.

Day 3:
No training, got stuck in a meeting so I couldn't go to BJJ day class, and by the time the little guy went down I had no interest in conditioning. I did stretch for a good long while and do some corrective exercise.

Breakfast: Went against the spirit, if not the rules of the challenge, and had some sausage with my eggs. It's weird, I feel like I'm doing well with the big rocks (no sugar, grains, legumes, or dairy) but it's the small rocks (lean proteins, 2 or less servings of fruit per day, keep up my training schedule) that I'm really struggling with. So this is Meh. I had eggs for breakfast, and sausage that I probably don't need to be eating. Oh well. It was good.
The lack of training, is a bigger deal, but hopefully it's a short term issue. The professor is out of town (at the US open), and I had valid reasons to not make class both days. I could have gotten some conditioning in, but I chose not to. We'll see how it shakes out.

Lunch: stew and greens, nuts

Snack: yup.. another apple. (seeing a pattern? I told you, I tend to eat the same stuff over and over)

chicken thighs oven roasted with some old bay and ginger, chantrell mushrooms sauteed in duck fat, mashed plantains seasoned with the chicken run-off and a good sized glop of avocado and lime. This did not suck.

So what's the difference?
The question came up, what WERE you doing?
To be honest, most parts of my diet were mostly the same.
Dinners were mostly meat, and 1-2 veggies.
The stew stuff I make for lunches is the same as now.. more or less.
So what's different?
I ate eggs almost every morning for breakfast.. which is changing, but doesn't have to.
I consumed a bunch of dairy: Milk in my coffee, cheese on dinner, milk in the evening, Ice cream on the weekends, whey protein after training. That has been an adjustment. I like my milk.
I see some of that coming back.. maybe.. sorta. I don't need to eat it all the time, but I'm not turning down tasty french cheese down from Canada (after my 30 days are up).
Oatmeal was a favorite pre-training meal. I'd have a bowl every afternoon or so. Assuming I see significant changes in how I feel, I can do without the grains..
I'm not going to be militant about this.. even if I do make major changes.. I'll have a bit of whatever I feel like I'm missing on holidays.. as in REAL holidays: Christmas, Thanksgiving, MY Wedding Anniversary, MY birthday. Some people take this too far; "It's only a small piece of cheesecake. Hey, It's Bosses day!" Forget that he's nobody's boss. or "I have to have a piece of cake, it's Fred's birthday" yeah, but you hate Fred.

It's a lot of small changes, but for me it helps to be able to say "I am taking on this challenge to see how it goes. I will follow the rules or I'll not be completing the challenge." Once I'm out the other side, I'll have to see how I feel.


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