Friday, October 22, 2010

Paleo day 10, 11

Day 10
breakfast: eggs
Dinner: I made some soup with grass fed beef, ground pork, kale, turnips, celery root, and leek.
It was quite tasty.

Day class was good. I had a decent roll with Dave a purple belt. I was working on letting him dictate the inital phase of the roll (top or bottom) and then sweep and submit, or pass, mount, submit. After that I got to roll with the professor which is always a great lesson. He caught me early, with an armbar. I was being sloppy and left an arm. Then a guillotine. He slapped it on, and I just sort of thought "really, a guillotine?" I let him keep the grip and went to pass. He disrupted my base enough as I passed and got the mount. Then suddenly I had a lot more respect for the guillotine. The third time he tapped me, I was passing he went to inverted guard. I collapsed down. I got one foot out, and didn't hold his shoulders/head in place well enough, he spun to a triangle. I didn't want to stack him (couple reasons: it just seems like bully behavior to me, last time we rolled he had a sore neck for a week), so I postured hard.. and once again left my arm behind. Most people that would have been fine: I was postured up hard, my hips were out in front, but he shifted his hips in the air, and actually came up and 'got' my arm. Great stuff. I need to remember to not only posture, but actively protect my arms when coming up. He had me dragged into deep water the whole time.. which I like. He found a lot of holes in my preferred positions, things that I will have to shore up. I keep replaying the roll in my head looking for those.

Day 11
Breakfast: eggs
I was in meetings all day long. My bosses boss scheduled a "lunch meeting" the food provided was Dominoes pizza. I wouldn't eat that crap BEFORE the paleo experiment. I sure as hell wasn't going to fall off the wagon. I didn't get lunch till about 3. Suck.
dinner: taco salad
snack: some almond butter.

reverse lunges from 4" box a whole bunch at 95 lbs.
Press/overhead carry/press/overhead carry 3x at 35lb dumbbells
Chest supported rows sets of 8 at 2 plates and a quarter.

Good sleep last night.
Big fights this weekend. I'm stoked that Jake Shields is now in the UFC. I think Velasquez has a puncher's chance agains Lesnar, but no more. This whole card is interesting (even if some of the fights will end up being stinkers)

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