Thursday, June 30, 2011

My training.

Foam rolling and varius "try this outs" to warm up.
box squat box jumps 5x3.

Inspired by Martin Rooney's article, I decided to spend the last month or so doing cluster sets for my deadlifts. He advocates doing lighter weight, and more reps.. I tried that for a while, but got too fatigued. I was worried about my tweaky lower back pulling in a fatigued state.
So I increased the weight (to about 80%) and just pulled a single a minute for 10 minutes, or until bar speed slowed down significantly. Once I got 10+ fast reps, I added 20 lbs and repeated.
I made it up to 455 for 6 last week.
Then 3 sets of 8 SL deads at 225 pausing at the floor on each rep.
Then 3 sets of RFE split squats at bw 10-12 reps per side.
That is Thursday.

Friday looks like this:
kb clean and press 3x8/8 at 53
Dips: sets of 5 adding weight every week.
So week 1 5x5 at bw
week 2 4x5 at bw, 5 at 25
week 3 3x5 at bw, 5 at 25, 5 at 50
week 4 2x5 at bw, ...5 at 75
week 5 2x5 at bw (takes two sets to get my shoulders warm)... 3 at 100 fail, start at the beginning next week.
DB rows: sets of 5, lots.
Some direct arm work: sun's out, guns out! More correctly my arms are disproportionally small. I'm starting to look funny.

Various sets and reps of clean and press as heavy as 205 for 1 and as much as 135 for 5.
Front squats work up to 185 for 5 or 225 for 3. Mainly this is a loaded mobility drill.
Presses: 2-3 sets of 5
Chins: 20-30 total reps getting 8-10 straight on the first set.

Not terribly scientific, but seemed to be effective. I really liked this protocol for pushing the deadlift up.
I'm going to start over at 405, but add 25lbs of chain.. assuming I can find them.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Interesting article from someone outside of the fitness industry on obesity.
I'm not saying I agree 100%, but I do generally agree.


Thursday, June 23, 2011


Sorry folks this has become a hiatus. I'll be back to writing here soon. Thank you for your patience.