Friday, October 29, 2010

Paleo day 15 - 18.

Day 15
breakfast: eggs hot sauce

Dinner: stew with grass fed chuck, rutabaga, parsnips, and a little smoked pork belly.

Training: BJJ class. Pretty light day at class. Couple good rolls working on keeping my game open and flowing.

Day 16
Breakfast: eggs.. I'm kind of failing "eat eggs for breakfast fewer times per week."

Dinner: Shrimp and romesco sauce, salad, baked sweet potato. We had purple sweets for the first time.. to starchy for this application. I ate a lot of shrimp.

BSS lots worked up to 70lb dumbbell. These are progressing, they still suck, but better is better.
Assisted pull-ups even more.
I had to scoot, so that's all I did.

Day 17
Breakfast: eggs

Dinner: pork/lamb/beef meatballs in red sauce. Salad.

Training: none. Got stuck at work. Lots of stretching.

Day 18
Breakfast: left over meatballs
Dinner: pork steaks, grated butternut squash, tomato salad.

Reverse lunges off a 4" box worked up to 5 at 115 did a few sets
53 and 44lb Kb OH carry, to mid-court, press the 44 5x, carry to the end, press the 44 5x. set down. switch hands on the way back.
Inverted rows 10, 8, 10 feet elevated grips get wider each set.

I bought some new fight shorts for no-gi class. I wore them to the gym yesterday because 1) I wanted to break them in a little, 2) I had tried them on, and thus they were already on me, 3) I was down to my last pair of gym shorts, and the ones I had kinda suck. So I'm doing my thing, ignoring the world when the D-bag across from me asks "So whaddya think about the blorkey blerg" (he said something else, but it made about as much sense to me) I stand there with a what the hell look on my face, and he repeats the question. I can make no sense of his question, but I realize he is wearing the same color gear as my shorts. Then it dawns on me I am foolishly wearing WSU colors. Oh hell.
For those of you outside of the PNW, there are two major universities in this state. The University of Washington aka U-dub and Washington State aka wah-zoo. They are "rivals." There are no geographic delineations, and some people pick sides despite having attended neither of these schools.
I have thus far tried to steer well clear of this silliness. Yesterday, I failed.
I had to explain to this gentleman that I am from the mid-west, and not only did I not care, but I cared so little that it never occurred to me until that very second that I was wearing what at a glance appears to be WSU shorts. He seemed a little put out. The far greater issue, is EVERY time I wear these shorts (that I very much like) I have to explain that I have no opinion on the blorkey blerg.. or whatever. Oh well.. such is life.


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Matt H said...

Wait...what?!? No opinion on the Blarkey-blorg? WTF? What kind of a mayuhn are you, huh? Blargle. Snarf.