Monday, October 18, 2010

Paleo; day 4, 5, 6, 7.

Day 4:
I took the leftover chicken thighs, some left over roasted pumpkin and an apple chopped, and sauteed.. very tasty. Technically this is a Hash. From the French root "hasher" or "to chop"

I'm going to stop telling you what I have for lunch on work days. I always have a serving of nuts, a piece or two of fruit, and some greens topped with the week's gruel.

I did a ton of reverse lunges from a 4" step. Worked up to 95 lbs (yes, I suck) and did a lot of reps.
I did a lot of push-ups and bw lunges after.

Dinner.. damn.. I forgot.. fortunately it's still up on the whiteboard in the kitchen.
I have a habit of buying food, and then forgetting what I was going to do with it once a day or two passes. So every Sunday I come home from the grocery, and write out the menu for the week on a white board on the fridge. That way no food gets wasted.
Last week's menu is still up, so I'll edit this tonight.

50/50 lamb/beef meat balls, in red sauce (red wine, tomatoes, garlic, olive oil) over spaghetti squash.

Day 5:
Breakfast: eggs, hotsauce.

Since it was a lovely day I went out to the local soccer field and did some sprints. It being Seattle and all the ground was nice and soft so I checked the route for glass and kicked my shoes off.
(bear in mind this is a 1/2 size soccer field)
Burmas: (this is an old rugby training.. 'thing') run the length of the field, turn, run to the opposite corner, run the other length, and then back to the first corner. You make a huge figure 8. The changes of direction mean deceleration and acceleration.. they're brutal.

A full size field comes to about 435m this half size field is about 216 for the whole thing.
I did 3 (1/2 size) and almost keeled over. 100 years ago when in shape for rugby I'd do 5 (full size) and be fine. Needless to say I had much more aerobic capacity then. Since the pendulum has swung back a bit too far. I'm going to do these again this week.

Dinner we went to our favorite gyro place. It's owned by two brothers. Nicest guys in the world good food, great price. Honestly, I cannot recommend it enough. They did a plate of chicken, lamb, baba ganoush, and salad for me. I got home and added some olive oil. It was awesome.

I had a couple pieces of dark chocolate for dessert.

Day 6:
Breakfast: more eggs.

snack before training: nuts.

Went to class. Paul taught Gi. How to open guard by standing, and the "knee through" pass.
I taught no gi. Knee in the middle guard break, to scoop pass, to squeeze pass. Seemed to help people a lot. Paul said 4 out of 4 guys he rolled with tried the pass on him after.
I had two rolls. 1 no gi with a white belt who had never gone no gi before. He's pretty significantly bigger than me, but doesn't move as well. He wasn't used to the speed of no gi. I tried to teach him to move more and open up. I don't know that he got it.
After that I put my pajamas on and rolled with Ian. Ian is a good brown belt. Smaller guy, but great balance, and very good at using unorthodox control points. This is the first time we've rolled in a while, and the first time it wasn't like Bugs Bunny and the giant.

The bad news is I snapped one of my toes. I'm not going to miss any training, but it hurts like crazy, and put an end to my day.

Lunch: ground beef sauteed with shallot and some avocado, half of a cantalope

Later that night, I made bacon from a raw pork belly. It was good.. a little too salty. I'll need to figure that out for the next batch.

Dinner was pretty similar to lunch: sweet potato, stuffed with ground beef, broccoli, garlic, and avocado.

after dinner a little more dark chocolate.

Day 7:
Sunday morning was my father-in-law's birthday brunch.
I brought bacon, and because it was too salty to eat on its own I rubbed it with some brown sugar (which is against the rules, so I didn't eat any)
I had scrambled eggs, sausage, and a lot of fruit salad.
Everyone else had cake.
The ferry ride was nice.

This weekend we started Ferber method sleep training for the grizzly. I don't think this method is for everyone. The little guy is particularly suited for it as he was having a hard time figuring out how to sooth himself and was very reliant on us to do it for him. Honestly of the 3 nights we've done it he's had 1 period (night 1 right off the bat when we put him down, night 2 at 3 am, and night 3 at 11 pm) per night where he's cried for a good while (no more than 3 'check in' periods) but otherwise he seems to be adjusting and is no worse for wear.

Dinner was steamed clams and mussels, and salad with romesco sauce instead of dressing:
piqueo peppers 2-3
some almonds (I used almond butter)
sherry vinegar
Very tasty stuff, and very versatile. I'll be using this a lot more.

Week 1 in the books. I'm feeling pretty good. I feel like I've dropped some weight, but that's not a goal of this per se. My emotional outlook is better. My hunger queues are different. I used to get really cranky when I as hungry, now I just get a little run down, not even tired.. hard to explain, but much better for my psyche. It really hasn't been all that challenging for the most part. We'll see how weeks 2-4 go.


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