Sunday, October 24, 2010

Paleo day 12, 13, and 14

Day 12
Breakfast: scrambled eggs and 2 links.

lunch: leftover soup

Snack: apples and almond butter

Dinner: Lamb kebab take aways. With salad and baba ganoush.

Treat: couple pieces of dark chocolate.

Training: sprints 10x 50m 3x ladders 1/4 field, back, 1/2, back, 3/4, back, full, back is one.
I really noticed my running technique was lazy on these. I had to really fight to keep my knees driving, and I was soft around the corners. Not driving my "chase" arm back and reaching with my lead. Good training though.

Day 13
Breakfast: 2 eggs and sweet potato hashbrowns

Lunch: chicken thighs, spinach sauteed in coconut oil

Dinner: ground lamb and beef (grass fed of course) broccoli, onions, and crimini mushrooms stir fried and topped with avocado mashed with lime.

Training: BJJ lost track of my laundry and had to wear my 'gi of last resort.' So I rolled no gi. Before class I rolled with Wags. She rolls so differently from everyone else, It's a lot of fun. I always play guard (make up for the size difference.. as much as I can). After class I had a Long roll with Paul. Then rolled with Brian, who had my number. Then a long technical roll with young Jeff, aka Jefe. I did a lot of guard surfing, putting myself in danger, trying new stuff. I learned a lot. After that I talked through a few details of last Wednesday's roll with the Prof. Keeping tighter in the top of half guard. Passing the inverted guard. Details details details.

Day 14

Breakfast: left over stir fry with 2 eggs scrambled in.

Lunch: 2 turkey burger patties with mustard, 4 clementines.

Snack: 1 serving of nuts.

Dinner: roast chicken, mashed plantains (coconut oil, chicken drippings, salt, hot sauce), and a salad (arugula, mustard, walnut oil, small amount of anchovy paste)

Training: did some yard work, and cooked up a storm.

Noticed a few things: my caffeine intake is way down. I just don't need it as much. My sweet tooth is very much muted. My gas is better than it's been in a while. I've dropped a pretty significant volume of weight without even trying. I'll post numbers once the whole experiment is done.

I totally jinxed the Beast.. thoughts on 121 sometime this week.


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