Monday, October 4, 2010

Haulin' Rocks.

Yesterday I finished up a project in the backyard of the house.
60x25 lb pavers (1500 lbs) and
15x15 lb bags of sand (750 lbs)
All loaded up from the hardware store to the truck, and from the truck up a small flight of steps to the back yard, and then put in place.
It looks good.. but I'm sure beat.

Last week in the gym:
single leg work:
lots of BSS.. I still suck at these.
Lots of chin-ups and some dips.

worked up to 405 for 5 (easy could have gotten more)
then 8x2 at 315 speed speed speed
Lots of push-ups and straight arm reverse flys.

In the Academy:
Monday no rolling. Too tired.

couple light rolls working on my bottom game, and some very specific aspects of it.
Controlling deep half guard, and flowing subs off my back.

There was a tourney, so Class was small, and I taught. Gi optional.
I taught an arm bar setup for when your opponent is holding your hips really tight, and we drilled for a while.
I rolled no-gi a couple of times, and called it a day.


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