Friday, June 15, 2012

Revenge of the food!

More suppers: (more or less in order from latest to long time ago)Lamb burger (seasoned with garlic, cumin and spring onions.. If you haven't mashed spring onions into a burger you should) with roasted garlic spearsUli's brats, Bubbies fermented Sauerkraut, and salad (mine)
Steamed artichokes, Slow braised chicken thighs and plantains cooked with chorizo (Spanish).
Salmon salad..salad. With homemade pickled asparagus.
Goof on paella. Shrimp, fennel and potatoes cooked in a saffron chorizo broth.
Slow braised pork steak, 60/40 cauliflower/parsnip mash.
Korean-ish grilled short ribs with a salad.
Bacon burger, plantains (cooked in the bacon and burger drippings) tomato/avocado salad.
Got the idea to do a eggplant faux pasta from an old good eats episode... needs work. Meatballs are always good though.
NY steak with a pan sauce (mushrooms, red wine, butter) with roasted Brussels sprouts.
Red curry with lamb shanks and cauliflower.
steamed artichokes and pan roasted salmon both with avocado butter.

As always if you are interested in recipes or just want to talk food. Comment away!


Wednesday, June 13, 2012

531 catch-up.

Finished up 5/3/1 last week. I'm completely deloading form the gym this week. I'll do some sprints, or KB work. BJJ stuff remains the same. I am going to try this for a couple cycles (5/3/1/no weights) and see how it treats me.

week 2 (3,3,3)

press 100,115,130

dead 315, 360, 405

squat 140, 160, 180

fp 145, 170, 190

week 3 (5,3,1)

press 110, 120, 135

dead 335,380,425

squat 150, 170, 190

fp 155, 180, 200

My teeth still suck. They look fairly nice, straight, white. But I broke another one yesterday. Two hours, an emergency crown, and $250 later: my tooth is fixed. That was an expensive pistachio.

Last week sparred with one of the guys from the gym who is prepping for an MMA fight. 40 minutes of stand-up, situational sparring and "jits with hits."My boxing is pretty sad at this point. I'm chasing my punches, I need to sit down more and change angles with my feet. The guy I was fighting was faster than me, so I ate a lot of shots.. but it's a lot of fun. After that I was cooked. Exhausted.