Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Are you there internets it's me J.B.

Sorry folks, I have been a bad blog parent. Partially because I don't have much to write about.. and partially because I have some crazy life changing stuff that until this week it wasn't time to write about. I'm a bad liar and it's difficult for me to write/talk to you and not give up all the goods.. more on that in a bit.
Let's get through the basics:
gym training has been good, but not exactly epic. Making good gains, but my metaphorical maxes are still roughly the same:
Military: 183
Deads: 505
Bench: 280
I am working on my bum shoulder and on getting a bit more upper arm hypertrophy and I think that should push the numbers up.
Friday fun group is getting huge, and I'm going to have to start training on my own before 5:30 so that I can coach everyone up.
Jiu-jitsu has been a wash: ringworm. There is a special place in hell for people who spread funk in grappling sports.
Failing the test got into my head last week, but really I just have to admit that I underperformed. It happens. I am rescheduled for early November, and I'm going to study more often and with less intensity. Got to wonder if all of the head shots I took playing rugby have effected my retention.
Now for the big news. The wife is preggers. A small human will be produced by my wife's body in May of next year. It's strange. I am shit scared. I am the product of a less than ideal home, and I hope that I can be the parent I never really had. I think that I can be (otherwise I would never consider having a kid) but those doubts always creep in. It's strange I have so many worries and fears, and the kid is only the size of a fingernail.
So far we are about 9 weeks in, and the wife and the sprog are happy and healthy. The wife has been a little morning sick, and very tired, but I am doing what I can to keep her blood sugar up, and let her sleep. I'm still getting used to the idea. The ultrasound on Monday really brought it home.. there's a little person in there.

We planned this whole thing (as much as one can) pull the goalie and away you go. So after a bit the wife takes the home preggo test, and passes (fails? depends on how you're looking at it) there are tears and jubilation. She turns to me after things calm down, and says quite matter of factly "Well, that explains why all I've wanted to eat is meat and berries."
I reply "Why, are you having a Grizzly Bear?"

And so it goes.

Monday, September 21, 2009

5% fail.

Sorry for the long lapse in posting. I spent all week last week studying for the CCNA exam that I took on Friday morning. 825 is required to pass. I scored a 776. Maddeningly close. I was frustrated and angry at myself. I didn't train much last week, really just had my head in the books the entire week.
It wasn't a lack of knowledge that caused me to fail, just a lack of execution. I am one of those strange folks that can read something, and (usually) retain it enough to excel on an exam. To be honest this may be the first time I've studied for anything and still failed. It's enough to make you question your intellect. It is a major bummer to say the least, and a waste of $250 at that.
More studying and a reschedule. I'm going to pass this damn thing, it's only a matter of time.

Friday, September 11, 2009


I am tired of mean spirited, hateful, pandering, partisan politics. I wish congress would make a stand for something personal, something that they believe in. I wish they would stop pandering to lobbyists, and start THINKING. Stop focusing on who's to blame, and for once focus on who needs help. Stop shooting holes in other people's ideas, and collaborate to make life better for the people of the American republic.
After 8 years of Bush/Rove dirty politics, and the past few months of the vicious maneuvering over the 'health care bill' I'm disgusted. I can understand disagreeing with health care reform, but folks on the right are not making sensible articulate arguments . They are shouting insults, intimidating, and laughing in the faces of people who are pleading for medical care. Not to mention the reprehensible behavior of Senator Joe Wilson. I may have disagreed with the policies of George W. Bush, but I respect the office enough to let the man speak without trying to shout him down.
After all of this abuse, folks on the left are gun-shy. You tell me what makes more sense this or a man who fell off a mountain and busted up his face so badly that "
Afterward... (wears) a beard and sunglasses to hide the scars" making a joke about being one of the "beautiful people?" Maybe I'm just being naive, but the latter makes far more sense to me.
Seems like I'm not the only one who's fed up.
I don't know what the answer is, but more and more people in public office are behaving like pouty children. I am believing more and more that the people who would seek public office are the last ones who should have it.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Nein, Nein, Nein..

Oh wait.. 9/9/09.
ok bad pun.. sorry for that.

Things are a little nutty around the Casa de Zero. The wife is back to school (teaching not studying), she's doing the breast cancer 3 day walk, and I have been studying for my CCNA which is coming up in 9 days.

Training has been good.
Friday was a circuit:
tire slams (overhead, slam, catch on the bounce, and slam again) 10x
hand over hand rope pull
kb swings 10/10
kb bear crawl
grapplers (on knees) 10/10
grappler's twist, grappler's twist, row (on the trx.)

Saturday was class, and the last deload workout.

Sunday was off.

Monday went to day class which ended up being an open mat.

Yesterday was week 1 military:
5 at 110
5 at 125
8 at 145

1a. rows 12/12 at 85
dips 10 at +35
x3 (only got 8 dips on the last set)

I have been doing some work to bring up my bum shoulder at the end of my workouts. It's a drag, but I'm sick of it holding back my pressing strength.

saw a bunch of movies this weekend.. more on that later this week

Friday, September 4, 2009

Swing low...

Sweet training intensity and volume,
comin' for to deload my central nervous system..

You get the idea: this week is a deload week.
No sparring all week, very little conditioning, lots of stretching and soft tissue.
Low weights for 3x5.
I'll spare you the details.

Have a good weekend.