Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Paleo day 29-30 and summation.

Day 29
Breakfast: eggs

Dinner: seared tuna, sauteed butternut squash, and jalapeno hollandaise.Very tasty.

training: Ice bum wrist.

Day 30
Breakfast: eggs

Dinner: chicken gizzards with garlic, and brussel sprouts.

That's it.. 30 days.
No cheats. No bread, No grains, No dairy, No legumes, the only sugar was my 1 bar a week of dark chocolate.
What did I find?
I found that my huger satiety queues were pretty screwed up. I was either full or not.. now I am either hungry or not.. big difference.
I go longer stretches comfortably without eating.
I am drinking less coffee.
I dropped 10 lbs and it is noticeable (not just water).
When I get tired on the mats I don't crash, I'm just tired.
A lot of my minor aches and recurrent injuries are still around, but the volume is turned down on them.
I feel great. I don't feel like I'm missing anything.
I'm going to coast on through to Thanksgiving, eat whatever looks good then, and then probably jump right back on this horse.

My supplemental challenges were more mixed:
I did stretch more, however it was less than the 5x\week goal I set. More like 3-4. This was a significant leap from what I was doing. So I'm calling this a win.
Single leg work and lunges are a win. I'm going to keep this up for a bit longer. Drop the lunges as a main movement, and add deadlifts back in, keep the BSS. After that, probably going to give the Texas Method a run.
Diet diversity is mixed. I ate fewer eggs, but not the volume I set out for myself. This was a problem of convenience. I was relying on left-overs for my "non-egg" meals, and when there weren't any I had no choice.
Training tempo did change.. and for the better. I'm going to keep this up. It's allowing me to get more work done in the same time, and keep my condition up.

Some were a 'win' some were not, but all were far better than before. I am going to keep plugging away at these.

My wrist feels pretty good which means I am NOT going to train today. This is the danger zone: healed enough that I can convince myself to train, but not healed enough to do so safely. I'm staying home and doing some conditioning.



Code name: 1% said...

Nice job, guy! I've got several tasty paleo recipes I'd be happy to type up for you if you're looking for some more variety. Just let me know...

J. B. said...

Thanks, It was actually pretty easy. I'm always up for new recipes. :)