Friday, November 5, 2010

Paleo day 23-25

At this point this 30 day challenge isn't even challenging. Day 4 I was jonesing for bread, now.. whatever. Which is an interesting change. More on that with the summation.

Day 23
breakfast: I had one egg left, so I had some grassfed beef and some left over veg with that 1 egg scrambled into it.

Dinner: lamb curry: coconut milk, lamb shoulder, carrots, red peppers, red curry paste (yes I am lazy... and I don't care)

Polished off the rest of the paleo puddin'

Quasi-deload. Bodyweight BSS, sets of 10.
Push-ups lots
chins lots.

Day 24
breakfast: eggs

Dinner: shrimp sauteed in bacon drippings with lemon. Butternut squash. Tomato salad.

Training: good day at BJJ. Did some 2 minute round robin rolls. Worked some takedowns with Drew. We had a kid come in from one of the local 'MMA' schools come in. He's got a fight coming up in a couple of weeks. He's super aggro. Decent wrestler with a good shot, but his fundamentals are pretty atrocious. He's doing the right thing, working with folks who specialize to tighten up his fundys.
At one point I caught a triangle from guard that was pretty quick, just off to the side I heard one of the white belts say "holy sh*t!" Just funny. I'm still a blue belt, but I've come far enough to know that there are whole levels beyond what I could see when I first arrived. Makes me wonder what I'll be able to see next week/month/year.

Day 25
Breakfast: totally out of food. I had an apple and a banana with almond butter. lame, but within the rules. It was actually kind of nice to have something so completely different for breakfast that required zero cooking.

Dinner: we went to the Gyro place. Like I said out of food. Lamb, salad, baba.

Training: kb oh lunges with the 44, ohp with the 44. done in sequence. These were horrible. That offset loading with a long lever like that is just brutal.
walking lunges: lots
bw rows: lots.. some feet elevated.


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