Tuesday, November 30, 2010

How many kids with ADD does it take to..

Hey! lets ride bikes!!!

I do not have the fever for more blogging.
I am not Bilbo Bloggins.
This is not Clifford the big red blog.
I am not Blogasaurus Rex.
Nor a blogapotamus.
You get the point. I've been slackin.
I've been lifting some, training quite a bit.. almost all gi.
I went off the paleo wagon for thanksgiving.
I feel pretty good. I had some pie, virgin egg nog and fried chicken, but otherwise the weekend was still mostly paleo (smoked turkey, roasted brussels sprouts, and non-dairy garlic mashed)
My belly rumbled and complained, but a guys got to live a little from time to time.

Mostly I've just got nothing to report.
Maybe tomorrow I'll come up with the greatest blog post ever.. but maybe not.
Mostly I have not forgotten you gentile reader. I just don't have anything worthy of your time right this second.
I hope you had a good thanksgiving.

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