Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Paleo day 19-22

Day 19
Breakfast: eggs
Dinner: More Mr. Gyro same as last week.
Dessert: dark chocolate 1/2 bar

Training: 10x 100m build for 25, max speed by 50, hold till 90 and coast 10. Walk back.
My running mechanics are getting better. I'm still in anterior tilt, so I sort of push my torso forward, and really have to force my abs to contract to get the proper forward lean.

Day 20
breakfast: butternut squash hashbrowns and eggs
Lunch: 3 turkey burgers and some left over vegetables.
Dinner: grass fed beef hash with brussels sprouts, and sweet potatoes.. not a hit with the wife.

Training: BJJ. I had a good roll with CP a purple belt with several pro MMA fights. Last week he beat me like a rented mule. This week was better.. and by better I mean I spent the whole time defending, and only got subbed once or twice. I worked with an aspiring MMA fighter on his takedowns and TD defense. Then was one of the sharks in a sharktank for the guy.

Day 21
Breakfast: leftover hash and 2 eggs.
Lunch: chicken thighs and broccoli
Dinner: smoked chicken, plantains (best batch yet) . The smoked chicken was off the charts good. Rubbed with some salt, and put in the smoker/grill for 2-3 hours.
Dessert: in honor of Halloween I made some paleo puddin'
1 small pumpkin diced and baked.
1 can coconut milk
2 eggs
all spice
Blended with a stick blender to airate and baked at 350 till it looks almost done.
I put some pecans on mine, the wife got some honey on hers.
It was the goods.

Day 22
breakfast: eggs
Pre-training snack: leftover plantains and chicken
Dinner: Fish taco salad (cod, peppers, onions, guacamole on romaine)

Training: BJJ Small class. We worked an arm-bar/choke/arm-bar transition that was super sweet. I had a good roll with Drew for about 15 minutes. Very good stuff. He said "You're getting much trickier." I am pretty sure that's a good thing.
After that I worked with one of the newer guys on his side control escapes. He's so strong, but he uses too much strength. If you just ride him out he gasses.. I tried to explain.. so did CP.. didn't take.. maybe next time.


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