Thursday, February 25, 2010

Big jerk.

Day class good. Great rolls with Matt, and Big John. Night class was great. I learned a choke and arm-bar from one of my favorite sweep set-ups.

worked up to 185, 4x2.
Again flexibility still an issue. If I'm going to really move any big weight on the C&J I'm going to have to be able to jerk the bar with a wider grip.
Did a couple more sets at 135, just to play with some technique stuff.

Bench, 1 arm rows super set.
rows 8/8 at 85
bench 10 at 135
rows same
bench 8 at 185
rows same
bench same
bench same

Chins at bw: some

I'm a little concerned that I'm already a little cranky. This is a major shift in my training, and a pretty major increase in my volume. We'll see how it goes when I get a few weeks in.


ces said...

I did a one hour dedicated snatch one-on-one class about a year ago - just before I came to see you; you may remember.
One of the key points the instructor pointed out to me was:
- pull SLOWLY to just above the knee
- then dip the bar DOWN about an inch and use the stretch reflex of that dip to initiate your second pull.

Might help with your technique to think that way. I know it helped me a lot.

Anonymous said...

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J. B. said...

It's funny I can get as much from the hang as I can from the floor (truth be told, probably more) but I want to get the full movements down.
I'll have to play with it.