Tuesday, February 23, 2010

First day with the big O.

Man, I forgot how taxing the Olympic lifts were.
worked up to 1 full clean, and 3 front squats at 185 did 3 sets.

4 sets of 2 clean and jerks at 155.

I'm starting off at weights that are technically challenging, but not difficult.
My first pull is not upright enough. I am strong enough to deadlift the weight up with a lot of speed, but I'm out of position for my second pull.
I end up chasing the weights a lot at the top of the clean.. probably related to the above problem. The lighter weights felt smoother, pull from the floor, pop the hips, pull under the bar and drive through it. I'll take it for day 1.
Front squats were solid, I have to pay attention to them, keep my weight back and drop down between my knees.
Jerks were good. I need to work on my over all flexiblity I'm carrying the bar too narrowly. That will also come with time and practice.


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