Tuesday, March 2, 2010


not feeling well the past few days.
nauseated, light headed, WTF.. did you get the license number of that truck.. kind of thing.

Friday training:
2 minutes each
prowler push at 180,230,280,330
battling ropes

class: small class rolled with 3 people

gym: 1 snatch/3 ohs
worked up to 95 did 3 sets my heels are still coming just off the ground. I'll have to keep focusing on dorsiflexion rom.
deads: 405 4x2 it's funny I did the first 2 sets in my frees and struggled mightily. took them off and pulled the last two sets like nothing. It's amazing how much difference there was. Makes me wonder how much people lose when they pull in big clunky running shoes.

No training Sunday or yesterday. Just lots of sleeping.
today I'm going to try and do today's workout, just drop the weights significantly.

UPDATE: Made it through most of the workout. Cut the volume in 1/2.
Clean and 3 squats:
worked up 185, 2 sets
Clean and jerk:
155 2 sets of 3
Good nuff for recovering.



Code name: 1% said...

Get well soon!

J. B. said...

Thanks Katie.. I'm on my way.