Monday, August 18, 2008

Both robots were psyched..

I was watching fencing Saturday, and I can appreciate that it is a great test of skill, I can dig on a sport that is single combat no matter what form that takes. I can't dig though; is the screaming in victory by both combatants every touch. If you're going to dress like robots, act like robots.
Congratulations to Seattle athletes Mary Whipple, and Anna Cummins who won the woman's 8 this past weekend. I've met both of them and besides being very talented they're both nice folks.
I still think gymnastics competitions should be conducted like a game of "horse" this whole judging thing is too subjective.
In order to be an elite level competitor at Olympic lifting all I'd have to do is be able to clean and jerk my current max deadlift.
There isn't enough suffering in the 100m and 200m sprints. That is the only reason I can think of that those athletes consistently show-boat.
I am concerned about the U.S.A.s poor showing in Greco-roman wrestling. I am worried that all of the young talent is going for the paychecks in MMA. We'll have to see how freestyle goes before I officially push the panic button.

Weekend workouts:
Friday was a monster:
Two groups of two athletes:
Group 1,
A burpee ladder 5-10 with weight vest
B burpee ladder 5-10 w/o vest

Group 2
A pistol
B kb clean and lunge.

Group 1 alternate, work/rest group two switches exercises when group 1 switches people
When group 1 finishes their ladder the groups switch.
We go through both stations twice.

So my work out looked like this:
Burpee ladder 5-10 without vest
5 sets of each pistols, and clean and lunge
burpee ladder 5-10 with weighted vest
1 set of several, vomiting.
I called it a day after that. My days of puking in the trashcan and finishing my workout are done.

Saturday I was pretty sore and tired, so I went to class and called it a day.


Jesse said...

Yikes. Burly workout.

J. B. said...

Yeah, it took things a bit further than I thought it would.

ces said...

So, how do Group 2 and Group 1 interact?
Group 2 does as many Pistols or Clean&Lunges as possible in the time it takes the working guys from Group 1 to do that round of burpees?


I don't have a vest, but I may substitute TGUs and do something like that for Wednesday morning's fun.

J. B. said...

Group 1 is the timing mechanism for group 2 (and vice versa). So If Joe and Sam are group 1 they alternate 5 burpees for joe, 5 for sam, 6 for joe, 6 for sam. So if I'm in group 2 I do pistol squats while joe is burpeeing and kb clean and lunge while sam is burpeeing.

It's more or less brutal depending on how much compassion everyone in the group has for the others.

Another possible insidious substitiution: "Sandy" clean and toss to burpee. So grab sandy, clean her, throw her up in the air, then do a burpee.. that is 1.