Friday, August 15, 2008

The olympics makes me happy.

I love sports. Particularly simple contests of ability; grappling matches, races, contests of strenght and skill (shotput, weight lifting, etc) So I love the olympics. I could live without the rhythmic gymnastics, and shooting competitions, but really beggers can't be choosers. What I can't understand is why NBC thinks I tune into the Olympics to watch stories about panda bears, or the tallest man in the world.. here's the secret: I don't! Thank goodness for CBC who keeps the fluff to a minimum and shows athletic competition.

Last workout:
worked up to 6x1 @ 425

3, 3, 2 @ bw+35
5 @ bw (no rest from the last weighted to the last set)

1A db press:
5/5 @ 75
5/5 @ 85
5/5 @ 95

Kneeling 1a cable row:
5/5 @ 90
5/5 @ 110
5/5 @ 120 x2

Neck @ MM band.

Enjoy the olympics.


Christine said...

Damn you and your canuck tv! I've about 10 minutes of weightlifting total and ZERO judo.

Oh, but I got to watch Mary Carillo eat a scorpion... so maybe this all evens out.

J. B. said...

Between the DVR, on-demand content, and CBC I've been able to follow just about everything except wrestling which makes me a sad panda.

I like Mary Carillo, she's a great interviewer and a good journalist, but the pieces they have her doing have almost nothing to do with the olympics. It's a waste of her abilities (IMHO of course).