Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I love the sound when I smash the glass,

If I get caught they're gonna kick my ass.
My mommy's worried about the way I drink,
My daddy can't figure out the way I think.
They wake me up, tell me, "get to work,"
I slam the door, say, "shut up you jerk."
I can't wait til the show tonite,
When I'm with my friends every things alright...
-Social D

Groggy this morning.
No opinions, or waxing rhapsodic..
Here's yesterdays workouts:
kb snatch 10/10 @ 44
40m sprint
walk back
full rest

Learned a couple of sweeps from butterfly guard.
Sparred a couple of times.
Good stuff.
My neck's a little cranky and my bum is sore from the sprints.


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