Tuesday, July 20, 2010

How are you so agile!??!

In the middle of a roll last night my opponent/training partner exasperated, asked me: "How are you so agile?!"
I can't say I really knew how to answer that.. lucky? good parents? Extensive training? Your mother's a whore?
Ok, so not that last one.

Training update:
kb complex (timing station):
5/5 clean and press
5/5 snatch
5/5 halos

slosh pipe:
press, carry, press, carry
equal rest

explosive push x5
more than equal rest.
This was good. I need to work a bit more with my guys on getting stronger/more explosive but at the same time they come for conditioning.. it's hard to ride two horses with one saddle.

worked on the house, and moved stuff all day.. both days.

BJJ: Arm bar to Omoplata transition. Really tightened up my omoplata. Rolled with a couple of folks, less experienced guys. I tried to get them into deep water without just kicking the crap out of them. Worked with one guy on his half guard. Worked with the above quoted guy on his guard passing. I really do like teaching.

That's really it.

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