Thursday, July 15, 2010

Dad life.

Busy lately. So I'll just play you the hits.

BJJ. Had a blast. A lot of stand-up.. which I'm pretty good at (if I do say so). Got a bloody nose about 5 seconds into.. well before class started actually, went home exhausted but got out of there with no injuries.

5/3/1 deads:
3 at 315
3 at 355
3 at 395
3x 10 at 275

5/3/1 press:
3 at 115
3 at 135
5 at 145

2 chins at bw+25 between each set of presses. I was pretty pooped so these were hard.

More good stuff. Working from the bottom, getting tighter and smoother. I need to watch my focus, sometimes I zig too hard, and end up in stuck when it's time to zag.. if that makes sense.

5/3/1 front squats (clean from the floor)
3 at 145
3 at 165
3 at 185
3 x 10 at 115 need to warm up more. I was very stiff for the first few sets.

5/3/1 bench:
3 at 165
3 at 185
5 at 205

done and done.

Last night I went to the new house, which is a very old house. I scraped a bunch of poorly done tape off of the walls. Patched a few holes and then did my best to clean up the bad tape job with mud.. if I sand and re-apply to shape it a bit it'll look a lot better.. not good, but better.
I also cut a heating vent in the floor of one of the bedrooms. Drilled 4 pilot holes and connected the dots with a jig saw. Got a lot done.. got a lot more to do.

Dad Life: (hat tip to Dave Tate)


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