Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Take them bowling.

Sorry it's been so long between updates. The house and the kid are taking up every second of free time I have (and then some).
Last Tuesday was just another day at the office. I hit my 5/3/1 numbers.
deads: 5 at 330 3 at 370 3 at 415 3x10 at 275
press: 5 at 120 3 at 140 3 at 155
I did some chins in there too.

Wednesday, I took the day off work to work on the house and go to IKEA to pick up some furniture. I did go to class in there. I rolled with Sam for the first time since he got back in town. That's always a challenge.
We got to IKEA in the afternoon, and bought several items. I don't really know how, but I fit all of it, the wife and the grizzly bear in her Jeep for the ride home. I dropped them off at the condo and unloaded it all myself.

Thursday, I was pretty smashed. The stress and extra work were starting to catch up to me. So I skipped the extra sets of squats.
Front squats: 5 at 155 5 at 175 3 at 195
I did these in a new pair of Oly lifting shoes that I bought. I feel considerably more stable. My mobility is still lacking and that is still a major cause of instability, but better is better and these were better.
Bench: 5 at 175 3 at 195 3 at 215
Grip, shoulders, arch, heels down,pull the bar apart, flex out, tuck tuck tuck, press, flare.
Chins: 1 set max reps.

I decided that this was going to be the last friday fun group training session. We started these for Pan Ams 2008 and they have been going strong ever since. When these were on point, they were planned and progressive. We had a consistent group of people who were highly motivated to get in shape for a competition (BJJ, rowing race, bike race, or god knows what). Right now, there just isn't anything coming up so people are showing up sporadically. I want to take all of my gear and build my home gym, and I couldn't figure out how to split the gear so that one or the other wasn't lacking. To be frank, I just don't have the time and bandwidth to give away. So I'm pulling things in, and this was one of the biggest savings from a cost:benefit viewpoint.
I talked to Professor Reyes, and I'm going to set up twice a week, 6-8 week 'training camps' for the big competitions (pan-ams\mundials\U.S. open). That simplifies things for me. I only have to do 1-2 8 week sessions per year, and I only have to focus on 1 sport.
This way too, I have my gym at my house and can get in quick training sessions with ZERO prep time. If the kid takes a 20 minute nap, I can train for 19. No drive time, no prep time. In and out.
Pragmatically it makes a lot of sense, emotionally it sucks. I've had a lot of fun training with those folks over the past 2 years.
End of an era.. start of a new one.

Saturday, class then more packing and moving. Sanding and Spackling.
Sunday more of the same. The house has a great 'semi-finished' basement, but there are so many bumps and bubbles in the walls that I could go down there for a year and never get everything clean and true.
Right now it's good enough.. at least until I can rip it all out and do it right.
Sunday I had some left over Chinese food for lunch. Didn't seem like a big deal, until I woke up at 2 am ill. It felt like someone was jamming a red-hot iron through my guts. Needless to say, I did not sleep well.
Monday afternoon I was watching the kiddo while the wife got her training session in, and he was tired.. too tired to sleep. I was not. I was exhausted. I got home from work with a headache. He did a lot of crying which made my headache do a lot of getting worse.
I sucked it up, the wife got me some espresso on the way home (she's fantastic) and I went to class.
By the time I got done cleaning the mats my head was sore, but nothing I couldn't deal with. I rolled a couple of times, and should have quit there.. I didn't.
By the time I was headed home it felt like tiny skinheads were kicking their way through the back of my eyeballs with tiny steel-toed boots. I was an emotional train-wreck.
I came home and mercifully the wife suggested I go to bed early. I hung out with her for about 30 minutes after class, and showered and went to bed.
This morning I feel like a million bucks.
Today I'm going to go disk-golfing with some folks from work (not something I'd normally do, but what the heck)and nothing else.
Tomorrow some very light cleans and front squats.
Friday is packing.
Saturday is moving.
Sunday is unpacking.



Christine said...

That's gotta be tough. One of the things I miss about training with someone is the social aspect of it. But, in the end it does make more sense for you instead of being pulled in a bunch of different directions.

Jesse said...

You beat me to the punch on the O-lifting shoes. It's a good thing I can live with copping your style.

J. B. said...

Chris, It was a tough decision, but I am lucky in that I still train with these folks for the most part.. but I just couldn't make it work.. so I didn't.

Jesse, you can't bite a biter.. I got the shoes Christine recommended.