Thursday, June 24, 2010

You're not much of a singer, but you'll do for now.

I'll tell you, having a kid really just messes up your ability to prattle on the interwebz.. well it messes up mine.. individual results may vary.
Training for the last week:
1 minute of "loading" 60lb sand bag/40lb sand bag/2kbs (44 and 62lbs) on to a chest high shelf and back.
1 minute of prowler pushing
1 minute off

15 seconds battling ropes
15 seconds airdyne
15 seconds off
x9 minutes

BJJ: We're working more positional stuff lately. We did shark bait. I was on my back working my guard. It was good. After about 5 minutes there were some diminishing returns as fatigue is no friend to technique.. but my bottom game is coming along. I still have a little problem with drilling positions with some folks.. finding the line between moving technically but quickly versus using athleticism instead of technique.


More positional drilling. I rely too much on one escape from mount. I need a "plan b."

front squats 5 at 185
bench 5 at 185
front squats 15 at 135
bench 15 at 135
working technique and getting reps in.

drop set chest supported rows:
6 at 115
6 at 95
6 at 70
6 at 45

Done and done.

BJJ: worked a judo throw, and more mount escape. 2 rolls both felt really good. Got a bit of a crossface in one.. saw stars for a second.. that hasn't happened in a while.

Today.. is going to be weird.. lots going on at work, so I may end up taking the day off.. might not.
we'll see.

The grizzly bear falls asleep when I sing him this song:


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