Monday, June 28, 2010

Fedor Falls, and training methodology..

Strikeforce thoughts:
Fedor Emelianenko lost this weekend. He made no real effort to defend the triangle until it was too late. Fabricio Werdum did a great job of luring Fedor in, and closing the trap.
I don't know if Fedor will bounce back from this. I think his mystique beat a lot of guys before they got in the cage.
This puts Strikeforce in a pickle. Fedor was their biggest draw. He has one more fight on his contract. Do you put him up against Alistair Overeem (who officially holds the strikeforce belt), or do you give him a rematch with Werdum? If he fights Overeem and loses then your best draw is dead, and has no more fights under contract. You sink or float based on the rest of the talent you have and you start touting Overeem as the greatest heavyweight in the world (and no one believes you). If Fedor wins then you end up in a bidding war for your heavyweight champion. If you give him back to Fabricio Werdum then you have a non-draw fighter fighting in a no-win fight. Fedor wins and no one cares he's still mortal he beats a fighter by all accounts he should have beat the first time. If Werdum wins again, Fedor has almost NO value and once again you sink or swim.
We'll see.

Jan Finney got beat down by Christine Cyborg. No doubt about it. After the second knock down she was never going to win that fight. There were 2 points were I thought "This fight is over, call it already:"
The first was the last 30 seconds of the first round, the ref probably didn't want to call the fight that close to the end of the round (even though she should have) not my favorite, but fine.

The second time was in the second round Cyborg gets knee on belly and delivers 11 well picked, hard shots to Finney's soup cooler. Finney's response: lay there covering up.
Those two points should have been the end of the fight. Lately there seems to be a rash of refs letting fights go too long because fighters have been arguing stoppages vehemently and frankly it's got to stop. Let them argue, your job is to keep them from getting mangled there job is risk getting mangled. Do your job so they can do theirs for longer.

Big fights this weekend.. I'm looking forward to them.

Training. Lately I've been just "doing stuff" once per day without any rhyme or reason. I didn't really now how often I was going to be able to train, or how much sleep I was going to get. I did what I could, hit the big lifts and waited for things to calm down. The kid is 6 weeks old, and I feel like I have a handle on things enough to plan out 4 weeks.
Should look like this:

day: optional (see below)
night: BJJ

day: weights (deads see below)
night: off

day: BJJ
Night: sprints or more bjj

day: weights (squats see below)
night: off

day: optional
night: Friday fun (met con)

day: BJJ

Dead days:
5/3/1 deads
3 sets of 10 at 50% (similar to "Boring but big" but because I only have an hour to train I'm starting at 3 sets instead of 5)
5/3/1 presses (just prescribed reps)
chins bw+25 4+ sets

Squat days:
5/3/1 front squats (I know Wendler says back squats only but my back won't handle it.. yet)
3 sets of 10
5/3/1 bench (prescribed reps only)
chins and dips

Optional days: (all the stuff I've neglected to do)
Will be done on monday OR friday.. maybe both.
long warm up (more so than usual)
hip extensions (high reps)
and some... wait for it..
direct arm training!
I've been training for 20 years.. I think maybe I'm due.


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