Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Technique will set you free.

Last Thursday's training was all about working on my clean technique. The weights I can clean (somewhere in the neighborhood of 100kg or less) are based solely on horsepower. I can snap my hips hard enough, and pull fast enough and the weight flys up to about mid chest (even from the hang). This means that I'm leaving a lot of weight in the proverbial tank. With good technique one should only have to pull to just above the navel, and drop down under and squat the weight up. I spent the better part of thursday's training doing just that. I worked up to 80kg starting from the hang, and pulling about 1/2 the distance, and then dropping down under the bar. It was good work. I stopped when my elbow hit my thigh and I missed a lift. Then I power cleaned the weight and did 5 front squats.
I finished with fat grip bench sets of 10 at 135, face pulls, and some ab work.

dips 20 (or amap)
chins 10 (or amap)
sandbag: shoulder, 5 reverse lunges each leg, set down.. x5
prowler+90: high handles down, low handles back.
rest while the others go (3 people).
dips 10 (or amap)
chins 5 (or amap)
sandbag: shoulder, 5 reverse lunges each leg, set down.. x5
prowler+90: high handles down, low handles back.

BJJ. Worked on some basic upa/armbar stuff. Then open mat. I got a couple of good rolls in.. I am feeling great.. more on that later.

Sunday: off.

Monday: BJJ. Worked on a throw from the underhook. Worked on getting mount from side control. I had a great roll with the professor. I haven't rolled with him.. in several months. It is great rolling with him because if I leave any space he takes it. His base is so good that unless a sweep is right on, it doesn't work. I love testing my game against people who are good (or in this case great).
I felt great, we talked after and he said the biggest problem right now is that in certain positions I'm over analyzing; deciding instead of just doing. I can totally see it. I need to be more aggressive in certain situations and not spend too much time thinking about which or what I'm going to do, it's like Saulo Ribeiro says:
"If you think, you are late. If you are late, you use strength. If you use strength, you tire. If you tire, you die."
I was thinking, and I was late.. I wasn't forcing things and tiring (though I was tired, my specific fitness is crap right now) I was thinking about doing one or the other and ending up doing neither. I need to spend more time in those situations, and when I get there, focus on being more aggressive.
I rolled some more after, but this was the important stuff.

I'm off to the gym.

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