Wednesday, May 26, 2010

On plow shares and grizzly bears.

Good day gentile reader. I have been gone for a good fortnight. I haven't been up to much; just the single most momentous life changing experience possible (death gets a pass as it is a "life ending" experience.. and thus does not qualify). The short version is we went into the hospital for induction on Monday the 10th. The grizzly was extracted via c-section on Wednesday the 12th, and we returned home on Friday the 14th. In that time I left the hospital twice: both times were to walk down the street to get coffee. The next weekend was spent just trying to get our feet under us and recovering from not sleeping the entire week previous.. needless to say I did not train at all that week. The wife is doing great, and the grizzly is in the 75th percentile for length and 25th for weight.. I am not sure how our genetics shuffled together to produce a long skinny baby. I am beyond myself happy. I am at a loss as to how any man who has a kid could be a misogynist. Men are pretty much useless. We are drones, guard dogs and plow horses.. I'll have to think on that more before I say more.
Training the last week and a half:
front squat worked up to 185+25lb chains x2
ab work

high pull 135 x10
kb swing at 62 x5/5
chins amap
kb swing at 62 x5/5
ohp 145 x5
kb swing at 62 x5/5
full rest

30 sec airdyne sprint
bent row 10 at 135
rest 2 minutes

Wednesday: 1 mile of 100m build-ups (strait-aways) walk the curves.
I need to do this more.

Thursday: very sore from sprinting: day off.

sandbag floor to ceiling x10
kb swing 5/5 at 62
30 sec airdyne
rest while partner does the same.

jiu-jitsu couple good rolls, great to be back on the mats.
walked some hills with the wife.

Sunday: off.

more jiu-jitsu 1 good roll and lots of talking and showing some wrestling.
then went to the boathouse:
deadlifts worked up to 415 for 2. The grizzly did not like the noise, so I cut the set a little short.
Ohp: 4x5 at 135

airdyne 20 sec sprint 40 sec slow spin x 10
bent rows: worked up to 195 x 4.
some direct arm work, just for kicks.

jiu-jitsu got in two long rolls. Very educational both of them. I feel really good on the mats these days, my anaerobic fitness is a little lacking, but my vision is good some spit and polish, and a little more effort to keep my base and I'll be moving.

Funny thing rocking a crying baby is great for your glute meds. if done correctly.



Dispatcher Sassy Pants said...

Welcome little grizzly! :)

J. B. said...

Thanks Christine!