Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Pay up sucker..

I owe you guys some content.. it's been a couple of weeks since I wrote anything worth learning but quite frankly I'm not up to it yet.. the good news is Lyle McDonald wrote an expansive 8 post tome on overtraining that is spot on.
I deal a lot with rowers, and married one, the hardest lesson I have to teach them is:
More is not better, better is better.
Especially in a power-endurance sport like rowing. He covers that.

A lot of the BJJ athletes I deal with get their training from wrestling. Lots of wrestling training comes from the former Soviet Union, there are many pitfalls to following "the super secret training methods of the (insert Eastern European country) wrestlers/weightlifters/whatever".. he covers those as well..
It's a great series, if you train you should read it.. starts here.

Yesterday's training:
worked up to two singles at 455.
I'm playing with my technique a bit. I used to follow more of a Westside techinique where my shoulders were behind the bar. That has worked well for me, but I'm playing more with a shoulders over the bar stance like Mark Rippetoe recommends. I'm not sold either way. Both have merits.

5 at 135
2x5 at 145


1 giant set (do some till form break, rest a few seconds, do some more.. repeat till you can't complete a full rep)

Cable curl/ press down:
Right arm only
(still noticeably smaller and weaker than left 5 years after surgery trying to correct that)
1 Giant set



Jesse said...


Could you elaborate on the differences between the shoulders behind vs. shoulders above pulls? I generally find it most comfortable to pull with my shoulders over the bar.

J. B. said...

if you watch Captain Kirk here:
he sets up with his shoulders above, or even moving slightly behind the bar so that he can lever the bar off of the floor using his butt as a fulcrum. This is the technique i was (trying) to use.
if you watch matt k. here:
you see him keeping his shoulders over the bar more and just pulling the f out of the bar. This seems to be a technique used more, and I think rocking back so hard like that was a crutch to keep me back on my heels. We shall see.