Tuesday, June 29, 2010

oh.. and another thing.

The below programming will start next week. This week is going to be a deload. Lower volume. A few sets of 5s and 10s.

Catching up on training:
pull-ups with a reach 1 minute (I had to use a band for these)
TRX pendulums with a stop 1 minute
Sand bag complex (shoulder, press, lunge, row 5x each) 2 minutes
down-over-up push-ups/kb swing 2 minutes

plate crawl races:
2x forward
2x backward.

BJJ Some throws and an arm-bar.
Couple decent rolls.

BJJ same techniques as Saturday.
Rolled with a new guy (had some judo) good controlled.. nice guy hopefully he'll come back.
Rolled again and just rolled like crap. Got drubbed and tweaked my neck. After that my head wasn't in the game. I was pissed, and upset and decided to go home.
It's hard. I could probably be successful if I just keep everything tight tight tight and smash and smother and really that's just boring. It's boring for me, and it's boring for the guys I roll with. So I open up. Sometimes it works great, and it's loads of fun. if I'm off at all (like yesterday) I just plain suck.
Sometimes I feel like I'm good, like someday I could be legitimately good at jiu-jitsu, and then a day/roll like yesterday happens and it completely blows up my confidence.
I was really upset leaving class last night. It could be the kid waking/keeping me up.. could be overtraining.. could just be head games. I don't really know.
So I'm deloading. Hopefully things will be better.



Jim Glover said...

We all have had those days. Not letting your ego rule you and putting yourself in bad situations will only make you a better grappler.

A break may be needed but then again sucking it up and keeping up the good work may be better. You don't realize how much of a stress reliever rolling is until you stop for a bit.

J. B. said...

Thanks Jim.
The real problem wasn't that I was getting into bad positions, the problem was that I just couldn't get out. I think it was a combination of no sleep and a bad day on the mat. Things are looking up.
thanks for the input.

Christine said...

So says the runner manorexic Glover who has to be told to take a day off! (Said with big girl love, Jim.)

What is a TRX pendulum?

J. B. said...

busted! ha!


Christine said...

Oooh... evil.