Thursday, July 1, 2010

Just pretend I'm young and good lookin'

or something..
I used to be funnier, but this will have to do.

Training update:

speed pulls 5 sets 0f 2 at 315
Fat grip presses: 3 sets of 8 at 95
chins: some at +25

Normally I go to BJJ, but my neck is screwed up so I went to the gym instead.
I did a lot of technique work from hang to full squat.
Cleans: these went very well. I worked up to some easy singles at 185
snatches: these stunk. I can heave over head more weight than I can stabilize in an overhead squat. I damn near hurt my shoulder because the weight was going up too fast as I was coming down trying to catch it. Everything I missed I missed out in front.

all bodyweight (I did a lot of light, but a lot of squatting yesterday so I just decided to stay light)
Lunges the length of the basketball court
reverse back extentsions x10 (face toward the back extension, grab the foot plate with your hands. lift your legs. We don't have a glute-ham or a reverse hyper, but these were good enough)
nice and light. I may add some of those to my warm-ups.
4,4,3,3,2,2,1,1 all at bw.
pretty easy.
Texas push-up challenge:
I had to rest a bit before the last set.
This was surprisingly difficult.

Big fights this weekend. Some very funny lines in the lead up*:

There are a ton of really great Japanese fighters, he's just not one of them.
-Chris Leben

That's why they have a division II. So those guys who couldn't hack it in DI don't go home and hang themselves..
-Brock Lesnar when asked about Shane Carwin's DII national championship.

*from memory, so cut me some slack may not be verbatim.



nicoleoceanrider said...

Hey, I'm just a follower of your blog. I enjoy reading about your workouts because I'm a fitness guru myself; but, I was just wondering, is there anyway you could get some pictures of yourself on here? Pictures of others who workout hard help to inspire me :] Any former rugby pictures by chance?

J. B. said...

Thanks for following along. I very much appreciate it.
As far as pictures go, that's a bit more than I'm willing to share at this point. Even though this is a public forum, keeping a bit of distance allows me to post my thoughts and feelings with abandon. Once that distance is closed, I would feel like I had to censor myself, and that would miss the whole point. It's funny I don't even have any rugby pictures. I guess I was too busy playing to take pictures.

Oh and be careful self applying the term "guru." Many gurus (particularly in fitness) are more concerned with gaining followers than dispensing knowledge and by using the term you lump yourself in with them.

Christine said...

Reference to the snatches vs OH Squat disconnect, I have that too. My coach seems unconcerned about it and tells me that "grace will come." By which, I assume he means I'll stop letting the snatch land on me.

In the meantime, I offer the advice he gave me: make the second pull so violent that you hit yourself in the base of the skull with your traps/shoulders. This either helps with getting under the snatch quicker or he just wants to see if I can lift with a headache. Try it and report back.

nicoleoceanrider said...

I understand...Thanks for the tip, I'll keep it in mind :)

J. B. said...

christine, I've been thinking, researching.. and working my technique, I think my torso is too vertical when I begin my second pull.. keeps the weight out in front too much and I end up chasing after it.. once things calm down I'm going to see if that helps.

Nichole, thanks for understanding.. and welcome!