Monday, April 19, 2010


In a St. Louis state of mind all weekend.. Don't get me wrong I love living in Seattle, but when the weather turns warm, and the Cardinals are on t.v. I throw a little meat on the grill and I miss being back home... just for a bit.
Over all a great weekend.
Thursday was a great workout. My hips are starting to open up. I hit 185 for 3 sets of 1 clean and 3 squats. Bench was a little rough as my elbows are still pretty sore.

Friday was a good workout. Start with the bar do 1 complex:
hang clean, front squat, ohp, good morning, bent row 5 reps each.
add 10 lbs on each side, repeat. keep going till you can't hit 5 reps.

Then we played with the slosh pipe for a while:
Ohp and hold (2 seconds) 3 sets 5 reps
Oh hold for time (3:09, just off pr)

Saturday, good class worked with a new guy, rolled with a few other folks.
Then the wife picked me up. We went to lunch then picked up some more KBs a 26 for her, and a 62 for me.
That night we went out to dinner at Cafe Juanita for our last hurrah before the kid comes. Beautiful place with amazing food.
I watched the fights on DVR while the wife snoozed on the couch. More on that later.

Sunday we found an Airdyne bike on craigslist, so we did the grocery shopping then went out and picked it up. ESPN sunday night baseball was Redbirds vs. Pond Scum. I threw some pork steaks on the grill and had a fantastic evening (Cards win 5-3).

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