Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Winner, winner, chicken dinner...

Yesterday I knew it was going to be a good day when I opened a new canister of protein powder and the scoop was sitting handle up, right on top. That never happens. Invariably you end up elbow deep in protein powder trying to get the scoop out and spill half of it on the floor trying to extricate it. Had to be a good day.
Shelby Starnes over at elitefts had a contest on his training log, and I won. I asked for a copy of his ebook "Tips and tricks for dieting success." Should be pretty great as Starnes is one of the top diet coaches in the country. Pretty cool.

Then at the gym:
5/3/1 deads: 7 at 415 which is a pretty solid pr.
5/3/1 military: 7 at 155 also a pr.
face pulls: lots

cliche? probably but still a damn good song.

Training catch-up
Clean and front squat: worked up to two sets of 1:3 at 185
5/3/1 bench: worked up to 215 only did 5 because my elbow is bugging me.

Thursday night was infant CPR class so Friday's workout was a bunch of bw stuff sort of off the cuff then suspended plank 1 set for max time: 2:19.

Saturday was a good open mat.

Monday: I am feeling pretty beat up so I just went to class to teach. Taught the wizzer and front headlock.

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