Wednesday, April 21, 2010


I've been on a diet for the past couple months.. I'm not restricting calories, but fluff. I've stopped watching all but my favorite T.V. shows and even then I mostly watch them on the DVR so they take less time.
I've stopped listening to the radio on my way into work, and have been listening to podcasts, particularly the Fitcast while I drive or wait in line. I've been reading a lot more, and generally feel like I have more time, more information, and feel less rushed.
Once the kid comes I'll probably pare this down even more, but that's fine because once you start cutting you really see how much of your time is actually used fairly frivolously.

more on the Fitcast: Its a great resource. I have talked about what great guys Kevin and Tony are in the past. Jon Fass is a very smart guy, and Leigh Peele has a great perspective and gets fantastic results with her clients.
This is free information and very entertaining. If you are interested in fitness there is no reason not to take advantage.

Training update:
Monday was a pretty standard class at jiu-jitsu. There was a bit of a ringworm scare so I went home early. I scrubbed down, and cleaned all of my gear. Hopefully I am clear.

This is a deload week, but once the baby comes I don't really know how much I'm going to be able to train so I'm changing my training without actually backing off significantly (and while resting my sore elbow).
morning lifting:
Deads (speed)
6 sets of 2 at 365
bw rows:
lots feet elevated.
paddlers: (the inverse of this movement)
lots each side at 50 lbs.

took the new airdyne for a spin:
30 seconds on 90 off x8 all out. (will work to add reps to this)
5 minutes of continuous effort. (build this up to 5 on 1 off x4 aka a jiu-jitsu tournament)

today I went to day class. I played a lot of bottom game (my weakness) and did pretty well. It's still weaker than my top game, but the delta is becoming narrower and narrower.


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