Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Bring me down.

Deload week started Friday.
I was deloading, Joe had just gotten doored on his bike, and Paul was fighting a cold.. needless to say Friday workout was nice and short:
1 minute rounds:
dips at bw
battling ropes

TRX scarecrows
kb swings

open mat, couple of good rolls. Focused on technique and staying tight.

went to the market with the little woman, and bought fruit, veggies and Piroshki... mmm.. delicious piroshki.

My hip was killing me for some reason. Went through a long warm-up with my training clients. Had a good technical no-gi roll with Paul before class. Then worked some basics, talked about some details with a few folks and called it a day.

Today is going to be an upper body deload.
I'll work up to 5 at 175 on bench, and 5 at 115 on ohp.
do some face pulls and call it good.

Bring me down.. or don't.


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