Monday, November 23, 2009

Gripz, recovery, and pie.

A while back I ordered some Fat Gripz from elite FTS, and tried them out on Friday. Don't let the bro/bodybuilder copy on the product page turn you off, these things are excellent. They come on and off pretty easily, don't slip, and if you've never done any fat bar training, it is a whole different experience.
3 weeks ago we peaked for the guys fighting at the local competition, last week there was no Friday workout, this week we're starting back up with short intense intervals:
5 man makers (35lb dumbbells w/ Fat Gripz)
1 minute rest.

Saturday I just went to class, I'm still recovering my gas tank from being sick all last week.
I rolled with 3 folks and was completely toast.

Saturday night I went over to a friend's house (a woman who rows with the wife) and hung out with lots of rowing club folks. Good people, great meal. I brought a sweet potato pie (which may be my favorite thanksgiving food). We had a blast.. well I did.

Sunday was a day off. I did lots of prep and cooking for the week. I made a roasted leg of lamb for dinner, put together a crock pot of grass-fed beef for later in the week, and assembled some stuff for thanksgiving.

Good southern boys, Molly Hatchet like sweet potato pie.


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