Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Swinging pendulum and special guest blogs.

In fitness and nutrition things tend to swing from extreme to extreme, high carb to no carb, static stretch before training to never static stretch, squats are all you need to squats are dangerous... ect. I recently had a conversation via email with Tony Gentilcore about some recent swinging of the pendulum and he suggested that I write it up and he'd post it as a guest blog. So I did, and he did. Go check it out.

As to my own training this month;
I'm going to make use of the extra holiday calories and do some hypertrophy work.
Yesterday I did an accessory lift:
Fat bar rows 3x12 at 135
dips 15 at bw super setted with chins amap x3

Then last night went to jiu-jitsu. had about a 20 minute roll before class, then worked some stand-up stuff during class. I'm still recovering from the flu last week, but my fitness is coming back.



ces said...

I did go and read your post at Tony's blog and totally dig it.
Well done.

I've had similar thoughts about Boyle's "no more squatting" video, but was having a hard time putting it into a coherent argument.


J. B. said...

Thanks man.
It seems so obvious to me, but then I don't get to heated about concepts. It's all about getting people fit without breaking them.

Anonymous said...

Nice blog JB. It seems unfair to be so rational and logical about the issue, though.


Anonymous said...

Hi all. How are you?

Anonymous said...

Is it possible to contact administration?

J. B. said...

hello anonymous!
You have contacted the administrator.
If you are going to inquire about the incredible amount of spam posts that I reject on a weekly basis, save your breath.
Otherwise, Welcome! and thanks for reading!