Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Good idea, or bad idea:

Ok folks, let's play at home. You're a trainer, or training partner at an MMA gym. A guy you've been training with shows up for a workout with the symptoms of Pneumonia and Pulmonary edema do you expect that:

A) this fighter will have a productive and beneficial training session.
B) will at best train like crap and expose everyone in the gym to some nasty bug, at worst get worse, and possibly die.
C) turn into kung-fu panda.
Answer here

I understand guys train sick all the time, but there is sick and there is Pneumonia and Pulmonary edema. Having not been there, I would hope that none of the guys at his gym knew how sick he was. However, If you're that sick, don't train. Seriously, go home. Nothing good will come of it, at best you'll have a crap training session, and maybe infect your training partners, at worst.. well you'll die. What a sad incident.

Starting a whole second cycle of 5/3/1 this week. Will fill you folks in on the details in a day or so.

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