Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Aerobic BASE! how slow can you go..

About what seems like 150 years ago, right after my shoulder surgery(s) I did yoga once a week as part of my rehab protocol. In my deconditioned state it was very beneficial... but then we've covered this before.. One of my fellow students was an assistant coach for one of the more successful collegiate rowing programs in the area. As class ended we started talking about training, I don't remember exactly how, but we started talking about what I used to do to get fit to play rugby. Generally it was a progression from longer sprints with complete rest to more continuous intervals with the rest periods getting more and more active. Pretty basic stuff for any soccer/rugby/aussie rules coach.
She asked "What about your aerobic base?"
I had no idea what she was talking about. I pulled a funny face, and quite eloquently said: "huh?"
It is explained here
Aerobic base? What the hell is that? You just go out and do sprints and get fit.. I don't have to go on long runs to get fit to get fit.. what kind of sense does that make.
I think my eloquent response was (shrug) "I never do any.. seems to work."
Mike Boyle has a better response here.

Pump and preen training continues:
dumbbell bench:
8 at 65
8 at 75
8 at 85
then 5 at 95

8 at 115
8 at 135
8 at 155
8 at 175
6 at 195

8 at 45
8 at 55
6 at 65


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Code name: 1% said...

Bond talks about this all the time with respect to cyclists going on long rides. It's interesting to see someone else say the same thing.