Monday, November 2, 2009


Catching up from the Halloween weekend.
Wednesday was another day of takedowns. I taught class and worked on control points from standing and options. It's good to have options.
Thursday my gym at work was closed due to an event so I had to take an unscheduled rest day. Not a big deal. I'm going to hammer things hard this week, take a short deload and jump back on the 5/3/1 bandwagon.

Friday was sort of all over the map.
I did some light prowler work to warm up, then did:
kneeling russian twist and press 2 minutes
kb swing 2 minutes
2 minutes rest.
Renegade row w/ push-up 2 minutes
hip to hip kb halos 2 minutes.

I had some folks do this 2x through as their whole workout, I did it once to leave room for:
8x15seconds all out 45seconds off with the prowler (building up more anerobic alac)
1 pull-up every 15 seconds for 10 minutes. (more work capacity on these)

Paul did:
20 seconds on 20 off (paddle)
40 seconds 0n 40 0ff
60 seconds on 60 off
40 seconds 0n 40 0ff
20 seconds on 20 off
2x on the erg.
He's getting down right respectable on the erg. I wanted to work on his fitness without loading him, as sometimes he neglects recovery a bit)

Saturday morning class we worked some triangles, and I had a good roll with Paul. I rolled with a couple of newer folks, and with Neal who is competing this weekend. All in all a great class.
From there I headed basically straight to the gym.
Did hang cleans:
worked up to 90 kgs for 2
then speed deads:
8x2 at 315 light rest. Really working on hip hinge and rate of force development.
Sunday was off.

I do love Halloween. Unfortunately the wife does not, and since we're not really too big on going out and living the rock star lifestyle, not much happened this weekend.
Hope yours was fun.


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