Friday, August 28, 2009

Nurture your nature.

Great post up by Matt K. over on EliteFTS.
I think he's wrong, but he's right. We are the product of our environment. You can't deny the foundry you are forged in, but our choices determine if that environment makes us better/stronger/work harder or if we allow it to crush our soul then we become part of that crappy environment.
I think most people focus too much on either "creating themselves" as something aside from their environment, or wallowing in it's pitfalls. Matt is a great example of taking your past and building yourself from it.

I have a lot of training to update. So I'm going to stay brief.
Last wednesday was the wife's birthday, so not Class that day. In the morning I did some ladders:
kb snatch each hand, pull up.
then ran some hills in the afternoon.
Thursday was 5/3/1 week 2 bench.
220x6 a little disappointing.

Friday it was just Paul and I.
we did 2 circuits:
grappler's twist, grappler's twist, row 1minute
plate switch, lateral shuffle, push up 1minute
twice through

kb halos 1minute
kb swing 1minute
twice through

these were good.

went to class, rolled a bit.
then went straight to the boathouse
box squats 20 at 225 still working on hip mobility and fixing this movement pattern.

Monday, more jiu-jitsu. Fun class some crazy upside-down sweeps/subs that really hurt my back.. but it was still fun.

week 3 military:
5 at 135
3 at 150
2 at 170 I'm going to drop this max 10 lbs next cycle for sure.
rows and dips are still coming along. Next cycle I drop the dumbbell rows to 80 (they're at 95 right now) and push the reps up (12, 15, 18)

ran hills in the afternoon.

Wednesday was a simple sweep, knee in sweep, to take the back progression. Had a good roll with Sam who is back from traveling the world (for a while). I had a couple of moments, but mostly got beaten like a drum.

Deads week 3:
5 at 335
3 at 280
5 at 425 these still seem to be progressing, so I'm going to keep this where it is at least for another 4 weeks.

more hills in the afternoon.

today we're going to do some complexes.
Pick one of the following, do 6 reps each, rest 90, do 5 reps each...

Scottish complex
Romanian Deadlift
Bentover Row
Power Clean
Front Squat
Push Press
Back Squat
Good Morning

Kb complex
Overhead Squat
Bentover Row
Reverse Lunge

Submission complex
Reverse Lunges
Romanian Deadlift
Good Morning
Front Squat
Military Press
Bentover Row
Floor Press

Grappler’s complex:
Bent row
Up row
Good morning
Split squat (each)

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