Monday, August 31, 2009


"No one can believe that I am natural. The most important drug is to train like a madman - really like a madman. The people who accuse me are those who have never trained once in their life like I train every day of my life."
-Alexander Karelin

I can't say that.. Maybe tomorrow, but not today.
Complexes on Friday were good, easier than I'd thought they'd be.
Saturday class was tough, a friend was back in town for the weekend. We had a tough roll.
All in all a good class.

Saturday bench week 3:
5 at 180
3 at 205
4 at 230
this is well off of my calculated pr, but after a tough day of sparring, I'm pretty happy with it.
chins: sets of 5
push-ups: sets of 15
4 sets.

Some dumbbell work to bring up my repaired shoulder. It is still pretty significantly hindering my pressing strength, so it's gotta change.

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