Tuesday, August 18, 2009

It's been a weak.. I mean week.

I'm falling down on the job posting, but work is busy, and I've been training a ton, so It's been a little sparse.
Training has been a little rough. I can't really say why, I guess the vacation.. pretty much wrecked my strength levels.
Last tuesday was squats:
20 at 225

grapplers twist:
50 each side.

thursday was military press:
3 at 125
3 at 145
4 at 160 (4 reps off pr)

10/10 at 95 (these are going well when I started 5/3/1 I was only able to do 6/6 here)

10/10 at +25 also progressing.

Thursday afternoon:
10 hill sprints around 40-50m

Friday was pretty rough. Working a lot of shoulder stability:
1 snatch
waiters walk 20m
10 swings
1 snatch
waiters walk 40m
10 clean and press
1 snatch
waiters walk 60m
10 kb oh squat
1 snatch
twice each hand.

then lots of slosh pipe ohp to oh carry.
Kudos to Joe and Paul who managed to OHS the slosh pipe.

Saturday was jitz. Worked lots from turtle.
Sunday was rest

Monday went to class, and worked some transitional work from top mount to back mount. Lots of position specifics, then rolled. Got lazy and caught in a choke.. Felt like I was going to pass out till I got home and got some food. Need to monitor my intake on jiu-jitsu days better.

3 at 315
3 at 365
5 at 405 (2 reps off pr)

step ups at 95 40 reps each side.

more hills this afternoon.

Working my strength levels back up..
If it continues this way I'm going to drop all of my working maxes back 2 cycles (10 lbs for upper body work and 20 lbs for lower, and roll again)


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