Monday, July 13, 2009


Thoughts on UFC 100:
Alan Belcher's poor ground game and desire to trade should have been tailor made for Judoka Yoshihiro Akiyama.. assuming Akiyama had any desire to use his judo. Akiyama decided to trade and Belcher damn near (on my card did) pulled out the win. Beware the "next big thing" from Japan.
Do not piss off Dan Henderson.
Hendo needs to work more on traditional boxing. He's got a chin of granite, and more pop in his right hand than anyone, but to stand a chance against Silva, he's got to land it more easily and reduce the taken: given ratio from 3:1 to 2:1 (or less ideally)

GSP is great at moving in, striking and moving out. He does this 2-4 times and gets guys to chase him. Once they do he moves in, strikes, moves out, and changes levels. Guys run right into him. Great example of wrestling for MMA being different from wrestling.

Brock Lesner did a great job of only taking Frank Mir down when he could pass straight to half guard. Completely negated Mir's superior jitz.
Brock needs to calm the hell down and take notes from Dan Henderson on post fight decorum.

Jon Fitch must have really pissed off the UFC brass. They put him in a no-win fight AFTER the triple headlining show.
Fitch is a wrestler primarly and they put him in against Paulo Thiago, a super slick jiu-jitsu guy with big hands. Fitch HAS to take him to the ground then spend the rest of the round defending submissions. Either he gets caught (loss) or it's 15 boring minutes of Fitch smashing Thiago while the brazilian searches for pieces of Fitch to break off and mail back to Indianna.
What next? an unbroadcast fight between Fitch and grizzly bear? I hope he has paid his dues and comes back into the fold. He's one of the more interesting fighters in the welterweight divison.

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