Monday, July 13, 2009

Me, like a potato.

I am smashed. I have 2 more training sessions before going on vacation, and I am purposefully going well beyond overtrained. I started feeling the effects last Tuesday (lethargic, moody, insomnia, reduced appetite) I have trained every day since. The thought of training twice today made me damn near bawl in the shower this morning. I got some coffee and made it through. This is not the most fun way to train, but with a vacation coming up it's going to work out great. I have made a significant improvement in all of my numbers even in my destroyed state:

5/3/1 numbers first month:
military: 7 at 140
Dead: 7 at 355
bench: 9 at 205

this last week: (all of these done significantly overtrained)
Military: 5 at 165
dead: 6 at 415
bench: 8 at 225

theoretical max:
Previous cycle:
dead: 487
bench: 266

bests this cycle:
Mil: 192
dead: 500
bench: 293

I am exceedingly happy with that. Tonight I'm going to go to class and just get wrecked. Tomorrow I'm going to do something stupid 50 box squats at bw perhaps? Dunno yet.
Then vacation. Lots of food. Training will be limited to hiking, a few push-ups, some light TRX work, and time to unwind.

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Code name: 1% said...

hmmmm...personally I don't think that a training schedule that makes you want to cry is a good thing, gains or no.