Thursday, June 4, 2009

Start today!

Been up to my eyeballs in Anti-virus work, it's been good, but I'm neglecting you. So here we are. I have been babying my back so my training has been good, but not great. It's hard to muster enthusiasm to do it let alone write about it once it's done.. but (knock wood) the back feels pretty good and should be out of the woods.
Monday class was pretty careful I sat out of most of it.
Tuesday was Week 2 military day:
3 at 120
3 at 135
7 at 150
This is a pr, and I'm feeling pretty good about these.

DB row/dips superset.
3x 10/10 at 85

dips: 15,15,20 at bw.

face pulls:
lots at some weight.

Tuesday night the wife and I went to see X-men. First off, weekday movies are great. Exactly 6 other people in the whole theater. Second, the movie was damned entertaining. Before we got there I told the fanboy inside my head to shut the hell up, and that we were going to go see a summer popcorn flick. There were a couple parts that were contrived, a few plot holes, but overall I was entertained.

Wednesday class kinda stunk. I thought I'd tweaked my back during warm-ups and was in my head the rest of the night.

Today was deadlift day:
3 at 300
3 at 340
7 at 385
there were more reps in the tank. Hopefully the next deadlift day I won't have to hold back.

low box step-ups at 95
4x5/5 continuous.

The past few weeks have been a little disappointing. I have to let go of the fact that I might have left some training sessions in the tank and focus on the next session.
Start today:

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