Monday, June 1, 2009

It's a great day..

Last week was madness. For all of the stuff I have to do at work already that virus outbreak put the breaks on all of it.. but it ended up being a good thing in that I now have access to the AV gear. Training last week was good, but I decided to skip the squat workout on Saturday afternoon and let my back heal up.
Bench day week 1:
5 at 150
5 at 175
10 at 200

chins: various grips
5x amap

50 very strict reps.

that afternoon I did some light jump-rope stuff nothing of note.

prowler pushes down and back at +140

then push down and rope pull back
very tired.

Saturday was a great day class.
Paulo brought in his new little baby girl. She's cute as a bug's ear. She just sat in her car seat, and immediately fell asleep as soon as class started. We worked on an escape from cross-sides to arm bar that was very nice. Then open mat. I rolled with a couple of folks pretty carefully. Professor stopped class to do some promotions. Couple of white belt stripes were awarded, Jimmy from T-town MMA got a stripe on his purple belt. I was awarded my first stripe on my blue belt, AND... Paulo got his blue belt. Great stuff.
Later that afternoon the wife and I went for a long stroll around the zoo.. that was it. No more training for the weekend.

I love this song.. unfortunately to hear it you'll have to look at Travis Tritt.. can't win em all.



ces said...

I have no idea what a blue stripe is, but it sounds like a big deal.

J. B. said...

thanks. It is a big deal. Within each belt there are 4 smaller promotions that are noted by stripes applied to the belt. so with 4 belts (blue, purple, brown, black) and 4 stripes each there are 20 "levels" between 'guy off the street' and jiu-jitsu black belt. Each step is important.