Thursday, May 28, 2009

Viral marketing.

Work has been pretty insane because of a virus outbreak which is why I haven't been writing much. Please forgive me.

quick recap:
Friday training was a small group so we did 90 sec each station 15 sec transition 4 rounds:
medicine ball throws at 12 lb ball
turkish get-ups at 44
"battling ropes" I hate this name, but it seems to be the industry convention.

then 4 trips prowler+90 low handles.

saturday was a pretty light day at class. My back has been tweaked since I slept on the couch to avoid keeping the wife awake when I had a cough. So I sparred with 2 people and called it good.

that afternoon was Military day week 1.
Mil. press:
5 at 110
5 at 125
7 at 145

1 a rows:
8/8 at 85

12, 15,15 at bw (these were a little low due to the morning training)

set of 5

That Night was UFC 98.
I was surprised Frankie Edgar was able to handle Sean Sherk. Sherk is in trouble.
Glad to see Krzysztof Soszynski do well in his fight. His blog from TUF 7 was well written and Krzystof is a genuine and likable guy.
Pat Berry may be one of the best American kickboxers ever.. but you have to have a ground game if you're going to fight MMA.
Brock Larson is a damn good fighter, but he comes off as a jerk and I think that hurts his marketability.
Chael Sonnen is a tough guy and a good fighter. I think questioning someone's submission defense into question when he's only been submitted by: Paulo Filho, Demian Maia, Jeremy Horn, Renato Sobral and Forrest Griffin (6 years ago) is a bit short sighted.
Drew McFedries is fun to watch.
Xavier Foupa-Pokam needs to pay less attention to his dancing.
I like Matt Hughes and I totally called that fight, but his win is problematic for the UFC. He's not good enough to fight the top level guys at his weight, but he's too much of a draw to fight on the undercard. It'll be interesting to see how Joe Silva handles this.
I love watching Rashad Evans get KOed.
Lyoto Machida is an interesting puzzle. He's the man at 205 (and has been for a while). I think if Rashad doesn't fall in love with his striking he has the best chance of putting Machida in deep water.. but I don't know if that's enough. I don't know of a current 205 fighter that has the goods to beat him in a 5 round fight.

Sunday we went climbing and ran some errands then had sushi with some friends.

Monday I went to day class and rolled a bit.
Tuesday was deadlift day week 1:
5 at 280
5 at 320
9 at 365 (I had a couple more in me, but cut it short to protect my back)

step-ups at bw
3x 10/10

Last night I went to class, warmed up. Worked on a sweep for a standing opponent, and a crazy triangle, and then sat out sparring.
The back feels better. Couple more days of protecting it and I should be golden.


ces said...

A thick rope might make an interesting addition to our Wednesday mornings. Should be easy to store, easy to move, relatively cheap.

From where did you get yours?

J. B. said...

I recommend it highly.
I got mine from the "fisheries supply" which are pretty thin on the ground out there, but the farm and home will probably have what you need.