Monday, May 11, 2009


Watched the movie W. this weekend. Interesting movie, well acted I think it's too soon for this type of movie to come out, but it is an interesting and amusing character study. I recommend it.

Training friday:
4 rounds
push the prowler loaded with 140 lbs 50m.
Carry 70 lb sandbag back
rack carry 2 kbs down
push the prowler back.

1:2 (work:rest)
this was a brutal anaerobic workout. Doesn't seem like much work, but it fricken killed everyone.

BJJ 3 choke transition from back mount.
then 3 sparring sessions.
First rolled with Seth. He hit a sweet arm-bar on me, very slick. I missed a transition from arm-bar to triangle, but ended up getting an arm triangle.
then rolled with Neil. Felt in control the whole roll. I got a top mount triangle, and should have taken more chances with it. I should have rolled to my back for the traditional triangle finish instead of just pulling his head to muscle the finish. Next time.
Finally rolled with Paul. Movement movement movement. There was just no escape. It was a good roll, but I pooped out very shortly into it.

That afternoon lifting:
5 at 170
3 at 195
7 at 215
Felt good about this this puts my "work" for my final sets at:
week 1: 266
week 2: 266
week 3: 265
Nice and consistent. I have squat day left to do this week then a deload from lifting, then a new cycle.. more on that later.

Chins 25 total reps

push ups 50 reps in 2 sets. (almost to 50 in 1 set, difficult after benching)

bent rows max reps at 135:
19 PR!
I'm going to push this up 10 lbs next cycle.

Sunday was a rest day.

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