Thursday, May 14, 2009


Just talked to my dad. He's pretty up-beat about the operation. I am trying to stay positive. I know a couple of the older guys at the boathouse who have had the same cancer as my dad. They're just fine. Doesn't really stop me from worrying. Doesn't stop me from feeling sick about missed opportunities to be a better son. He's in good hands, both at Barnes, and with my step-mom who has been a nurse longer than I've been alive.
Just have to hope for the best.


AE said...

I'm glad to hear that his treatment is going well so far.

J. B. said...

Thank you.
He's out of surgery now. Word from the step-mom is all is better than expected. we'll know more once the pathology report comes back.

Jesse said...


Hope things are going well for the old man. I gotta figure you come from pretty sturdy stock.

Otherwise I hope all is well on your end. Sorry for being a stranger on the blog(s). Things have been a bit hectic since Christmas and are finally starting to slow down a bit.

Take care of yourself and my best to the family.

J. B. said...

Yeah the old guy is doing pretty well considering he got knocked out and a piece cut out of him. I talked to him friday afternoon and again on saturday night. I appreciate the good wishes.